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There is nothing like the perfect snow and boots that fit when you are going skiing. Beginners, expert skiers, and trick skiers all want the same thing--comfortable fit snow ski boots. Ski boot sizing is important to all ski levels because they do not all wear the same style of ski boots. Wearing the right size ski boots changes your skiing ability. Ski boot sizing dictates foot comfort and can help or hinder your skiing. Following some of the most recommended ski boot sizing tips is important, regardless of whether you are buying new ski boots or renting ski boots. Comfortable ski boots that can last all day enhance your skiing experience, as a beginner or expert skier who skies black diamond runs in your sleep. A very important ski boot sizing tip is that comfortable snow ski boots are not necessarily the best ski boots. Snow ski boots that increase your performance might be a little uncomfortable, so it is important to read the sizing tips for ski boots.

A good ski season starts with snow in the mountains and having a quality pair of ski boots. Anytime a sport requires special gear or sports clothing it is important that it is comfortable and fits properly. Snow skiing in boots that don't fit right is a miserable feeling and will give you a sore body, not just sore feet. Buying the most comfortable, best fitting snow shoes and skies is important because it improves your experience and wearing the right size ski footwear is also safer. Ski boot sizing tips are there to improve your skiing performance. When your skiing gear and equipment is right it leaves you to focus on learning new skiing techniques, tricks, how to get on the ski lift or stand back up after falling in the snow. Ski boot sizing is important.

Follow these ski boot sizing tips for all day wear when you are buy new or used ski boots.

Ski Boot Sizing Tips:

Keep in mind these ski boot sizing tips when shopping. If you want all day wear then you need ski boots that fit well. The basic rule is to wear only one pair of socks when sizing skiing boots. These ski boot sizing tips are for men, women, teens and kids.

  1. Try on ski boots later in the day or in the evening so your feet are at their biggest. Feet are least swollen in the morning so if you try sizing ski boots then you can get a smaller boot, but then when you are on the hill the ski boots are going to be too tight (or significantly tighter).
  2. Wear ski socks when you try on skiing boots. This is often overlooked and makes a big difference when sizing ski boots for kids, teens, men, and women. Only wear ski socks during sizing. The Merino Wool Socks are great.
  3. Ski boot size considers more than foot length. If you wear a size 10 shoe then you would look for size 10 ski boots, but if your shoe size is 10 wide your ski boots will fit you just as uncomfortably as when you cram your foot into a regular size 10 shoe.
  4. Ski boot sizing measures foot length, width, and depth. Pay attention to all of these when sizing ski boots as it is one of the most important tips for ski boot sizing. The ski boot should fit your foot comfortably from top to bottom, side to side, and front to back. If there is a weird rub you are going to have a blister and might be uncomfortable all day. See the Mondo ski boot sizing chart below.
  5. Ski boot sizing is effected by skill level. Ski boot sizing and fit changes as the person goes from amateur, intermediate to expert. If they are beginner to intermediate levels then wider ski boots are more comfortable and better suited. Experts prefer or perform better in ski boots that fit tighter. Considering skill level when buying ski boots is very important whether you are buying these ski boots for yourself, a child, or as a gift for someone else.
  6. Sometimes sizing women's feet for ski boots can be hard. Because women have slightly differently shaped feet than men the unisex ski boots might not fit as well. If that is the case then you can check out the ski boots made for women. These women's ski boots take into consideration the ski boot sizing tips and the fact that the feet, heels, and other parts of the feet can be smaller.
  7. The Mondo points system is used for ski boot sizing. Mondo ski boot sizing considers foot width and length. Mondo points can help you size ski boots more precisely because it account for the whole foot. See Mondo ski boot sizing chart below.*
  8. Check the ski liner thickness. There are thicker and thinner liners so you might be able to get a smaller shell (boot) if you get a thinner liner. This decision depends on whether you have skied before and your skill level.

Ski Boot Sizing for Women, Men, and Kids

Consider buying a tighter fitting pair of ski boots if you are not getting the right type of performance on the slopes. Although the best ski boots are the ones that fit you most comfortably, you also have to consider what fitting work best for optimum performance when you are skiing. A bigger pair of ski boots might feel more comfortable on your feet, but changing boots can give you the slight edge you need to improve your skiing performance. If you need to size ski boots for an upgrade in boots or because this is the first pair of ski boots you have a lot of choices as their are many brands of ski boots. Within the brands of skiing boots there are several styles, colors, and more depending on what you want. There are beginner ski boots if you're just starting out. Some skiing boots are made specifically for a beginner, others for mid-level skiers. Snow boots for skiing need to fit great and give the skier the best chance for comfortable skiing and performance. Ski boot sizing tips are for women, men, and kids.

Cheap Ski Boots

The best time to shop for cheap ski boots (and snowboarding boots) is at the end of the season. Clearance sales at the end of the year brings huge discounts on ski boots and other skiing and snowboarding gear. The great thing is that the end of season for a ski shop or department store is after Christmas, the literal end of year clearance sales. When stores are offering discount ski boots from 2010 so they can bring in their new stock of 2011 ski boots, it is a great time to buy new boots. Cheap ski boots that you saved 50% on because of shopping for them during a ski boot clearance sale is a smart way to continue being able to ski or snowboard because it frees up money to buy a new marked down ski jacket on sale at the end of year clearance sales.

Ski Snow Boots and Gifts for Skiers

If you are researching ski boot sizing tips before buying a new pair of ski boots make sure to check out the ski boot discounts at Amazon. Ski boots are also great gifts for skiers. Boots, coats, socks, long underwear, gloves, goggles, boot warmers, boot bags, and ski jackets all make great gift ideas for skiing lovers. If you need gift ideas for family members who like skiing, get their ski boot size and buy a new pair of Rossignol ski boots. Just make sure you know the ski boot size and their skill level so you get the right type and best fitting ski boots. If you are getting gifts for skiers then try a warm winter coat or ski jacket like the popular Columbia Alpine Lift Jacket for men. Ski boot sizing for kids follows the same scale for boots. Encouraging your child to ski or snowboard is healthy because it will get them active. Ski boots are different than snowboarding boots so you might have to do a little research on the best ski boot brands for your level of skier. Kids love opening Burton snowboarding boots or Head Edge ski boots because it means they are going skiing soon.

*Mondopoint ski boots sizing chart from Garmont. Find your shoe or boot size for men or women. Follow that down to the white square where you'll find your point conversion for the Mondo point ski boot sizes. Happy skiing!

Mondo Chart for Sizing Skiing Boots