While in summer, the grass is of a vivacious saturated green and the birds sing to the odor of fresh manure, during winter, the country's favourite pastime takes over the nation's otherwise busy schedule. Living in Switzerland has definitely a major advantage: in winter it is one giant ski resort. People of all ages carry around their snowboards, skis, wear their warmest boots and show off their coolest jackets, while making for amusing moments on the train rides towards their favourite spot. If you're thinking of spending your next trip skiing down slopes of the finest white, look no further, Switzerland is definitely the place to be.

Let me present you with the top ten ski resorts in Switzerland:

10. Adelboden

At a height of 1053-2400m and a piste network of over 200km, Adelboden-Frutigen is one of the first-class ski resorts one can find in the Swiss Alps. In 2005, it was nominated the first alpine wellness holiday destination in Switzerland by the Alpine Wellness International GmbH and is also permanently featured on the FIS Ski World Cup calendar, attracting massive media coverage.

9. St. Moritz – Corviglia – Marguns

St. Moritz, at a height of 1750-3057m and a piste network of over 300km, St. Moritz is a place for the old and young, for pros and beginners. The glittering snow lying in the sun on the slopes of Corviglia Marguns, is surrounded by pistes, restaurants, cottages, bars and… pistes!

8. Grindelwald-First

Grindelwald-First has a piste network of about 50km, and resides at an altitude of 1034-2501m. This ski resort in Switzerland is truly an adrenaline rush! It offers various attractions, such as different rails to test your balance, a freestyle super-pipe, off-piste free riding, snow bars, and many others. One special feature are the 36km of tobogganing slopes, which includes the world's longest toboggan at about 15km!

7. Jungfrau – Männlichen – Wengen

With a piste network of over 100km and at a height of 1000-2500m, Jungfrau Männlichen Wengen provides skiers and snowboarders wide slopes for an astonishing series of runs.

6. Brigels Waltensburg Andiast

This internationally renowned resort resides at an altitude of 1100-2418m and has a piste network of 75km. It is well known for its XXL-slopes and perfect slope preparation. After a day of skiing, you can relax at the Valley Station and enjoy the charming surroundings of the mountain villages Brigels, Waltensburg and Andiast.

5. Samnaun

This is the largest ski resort area in the Eastern Alps with a piste network of 235km and an altitude of 1700-2900m. It connects Samnaun on the Swiss side to Ischgl on the Austrian side, two winter sporting paradises. Besides snow sports, you can also enjoy a shopping trip in Switzerland's only tax haven, or you can relax in the "Alpenquell Erlebnisbad", Switzerland's highest luxury pool complex. There's truly something for everybody at Samnaun.

4. Flims Laax Falera

This isn't your ordinary ski resort; it's an entertainment paradise, offering numerous attractions such as mountain restaurants, various nightlife activities, and also diverse types of guests. At an altitude of 1100-3018m and a piste network of 220km, Flims has room for everyone: families, singles, skiers and snowboarders, hikers, or even free riders.

3. Engelberg Titlis

At an altitude of 1050-3020m and a piste network of 82km, Engelberg is located in the heart of Switzerland and boasts of a refreshing natural environment, a charming centre and, of course, snowy mountain summits! One characteristic is a snow-covered 12km slope from Titlis all the way down to Engelberg. The 12km descent brings you 2000m down from the peak and is covered in snow all the way.

2. Zermatt

Zermatt's biggest characteristic is its direct connection to Cervinia in the Aosta Valley at an altitude of 1620-3883m. It also offers a myriad of winter sports to practice on its 200km piste network.

1. Saas-Fee

Slopes ranging from easy to intermediate difficulties cover the way from the peak at 3600m all the way down to the village at 1800m. With a total of 100km of pistes, there are also more difficult slopes for the more experienced and ambitious guests. Saas-Fee is an ideal place for children to learn how to ski on the practice slopes, which are quite flat.

This concludes the list with the top ten ski resort in Switzerland. Of course there will be some who agree or disagree with it, so if you do have any additional remarks or corrections, please do express your opinions in the comment section to make this article even more informative.