Skid Steer Brush Cutter

Buying A Skid Steer Brush Cutter:

If you have a lot of dense brush to clear, a skid steer brush cutter can be one of the easiest ways to make an extremely difficult job painless.  Just a few decades ago, brush clearing equipment consisted of a saw or a machete and a lot of time.  In the old days, every shrub, tree, stump, and thicket had to be carefully considered.  Today you can plow through almost anything using the power of a hydraulic brush cutter attached to your skid steer in the comfort of the cab.  Whether you are a landscaping contractor, a brush clearing service, or just a homeowner looking to save money on some land clearing work, a skid steer brush cutter is the best way to clear land quickly and effectively.

Types Of Brush Clearing Equipment:

Skid steer brush cutters come in many different models, styles, types, and sizes.   Choosing the right skid steer attachment depends heavily on your current brush as well as your plans for the land.  If you just want to clear thick grass to control the appearance of your property, a simple brush clearing mower deck attachment is plenty powerful. However if you want to cut a plot of densely overgrown land, a turbo saw brush cutter may be more appropriate.  There are many advantages and disadvantages between the two, aside from the drastic price difference.  

Rotary Brush Cutter Mowing Deck - Like a mower on steroids, rotary brush cutters are one of the most popular heavy duty brush cutters available because they are as easy to operate as a standard mower skid steer attachment, but they can clear brush roots up to 5 inches in diameter.  The secondary advantage of a rotary brush cutter skid steer attachment is that the finished product is acceptable if you are just looking to maintain the overgrowth of your property.  They don’t leave a plush field you can walk on in bare feet, but after some raking and trimming you would be proud to see it in the distance.  

Turbo Saw Brush Cutter - For extremely dense or wooded areas, a simple skid steer brush cutter will not suffice.  Using a turbo saw takes planning and deliberate action.  However, when used properly before more substantial land clearing efforts, turbo saw brush clearing equipment can swiftly remove small to medium sized trees.  It is essentially a 38” saw blade on a swing arm.  Because it is a skid steer brush cutter, its easy to attach and detach as needed.  However, expect to pay up to 10 times the price of a rotary brush cutter mowing deck for the convenience.  

Creating Defensible Space:

Many people use skid steer brush cutters to create what Oscar Newman calls “defensible space.”  The idea is loosely taken from his book about crime prevention through urban design and applied to deliberately to clearing 100 feet of space around the main buildings on your property to maintain a safe distance between your property and wildfire.  Creating a defensible space can be a great way to not only protect your family, but also make your property beautiful in the process.    

Using hydraulic brush cutters can be a great way to control vegetation overgrowth, expand your property, or prevent the potential of wildfire spreading on your property.  Be sure to use adequate safety precautions when using any heavy duty brush cutting equipment.  Wear safety goggles, survey every piece of land you intend on clearing, properly check connections and fluids, and finally enjoy the time you spend in the cab of your equipment.  For the best deals on skid steer brush cutters, check online auction sites like for used brush clearing equipment.