Kapaonik, Serbia

Skiing in Kopaonik, Serbia is becoming a flourishing trend for skiers looking to move out from the commercial skiing facilities of Central and Northern Europe in search of more naturally happening skiing trails. Having a snow range of 1770-2017 metres and a village placed 5,000 feet above sea level Kopeonik in Serbia is envisioned as the answer to many skiers' dreams. With a three hour travel from the nearest airport Kopaonik is certainly worth the effort, having cross-country skiing, night skiing, skydiving, ice-skating, indoor tennis, sleigh rides, and many other activities for the winter sports enthusiast to enjoy.

The mountain rises 35,000 feet into the cold Serbian sky, while ski lifts only climb to 6,617 feet. The skiing facility is yet to host a major skiing event; in spite of being home to numerous international snowboarding competitions and cross-country skiing as well. The quarters are apt for pricing that would enthral the weariest of tourists. Skiers can enjoy national cuisine like Burek (pastry, cheese, spinach) and Pljeskavica (grilled mince) for well below $10 a meal. The old favorites like burger, chips and pizza are still on the menu, and the price of $1.50 a beer might please some holiday makers looking for slightly more than just ski! The living area can manage over 5,000 tourists at the same time, while the bars and clubs around the area make the vacation destination more suitable to the younger holiday-maker. Some other issue that's quite outstanding is the fault that many make in visiting Kopaonik to celebrate Christmas - the festivities are of slight comparison to western culture, despite its tagging as a winter heaven.

With different piste types, Kopaonik operates for beginners, intermediates and experts with the according to this ratio.

15% beginner

8 % intermediate

6% expert

Having 21 lifts and an uphill capability of 15,000 (an hour) Kopaonik is more than adequate to cater for its millions of visitors every year. With slopes facing N, N/E and N/W you can be sure to go through the densely populated villages that round the region. Booming from the tourism the mountain provides, Kopaonik has lately became home to a 4 star luxury hotel offering accommodation and entertainment to skiers and executives alike.

With the longest run spreading over 3.5 KM and expert tuition visible, Kopaonik has lately benefited from its appointment of English speaking teachers across skiing and snowboarding fields of study. The advanced runs down the Kopaonik mountain-face are a chief incentive for many skiers in choosing Kopaonik as their skiing holiday destination. The 6 runs that fit into this category must be typified by the Konaci - which a local holiday village was lately named after.

The Konaci has an slant of 79 degrees at a certain point, which it is said that - if you go too slow, and neglect to position yourself correctly, it would be absolutely feasible to fall forwards just travelling in a straight line. The Konaci sees skiers moving at speeds of over 50 MPH and jumps that afford airtime of over 8 seconds. The Konaci is praised and dreaded by the top skiers from Europe. Despite this, the run was featured in the 2005 snowboarding event that took place in the Kopaonik mountains.

With snow going down on the slopes between August/September the whole way through to early March, skiers must plan their trip with that in mind. The slopes of Serbia and the warm generous nation establishes Kopaonik an ideal holiday destination for any traveler looking for a good time on a set of skis. The package deals start from roughly $400 a week, whilst amazing savings can be made when booking online.

The destination awaits 10, 000 visitors a week by 2009, and with its aim to develop further runs across every piste you can be sure that Kopaonik, Serbia will be a skiing venue that will stay securely on the map.