Big White Ski Village

The Big White resort in Canada is world famous and home to some of the nation's greatest skiing destinations. Celebrated for its high quality snow, and plainly breathtaking scenery, Big White is an ideal holiday resort for skiers of any age or level. Located in shadow of the Monashee Mountains, the Big White is a foremost ski resort, with a reputation to back it up. Having over 20 feet of fresh snowfall each year, you would be forgiven for believing that the Big White was unpleasant, climate wise - more often than not, the sun shines, the ski is fresh, and everybody can have an outstanding time.

And what's more, staying at the Big White resort could not be more comfy. With several different types of accommodation, you can chance upon a place that is ideal, right on the doorstep of the wonderful slopes. British Columbia is acknowledged as one of the world's most outstanding skiing regions, and if Big White is anything to go by, that genuinely isn't a surprise.

It has 16 ski lifts, and a total capacity of over 28,000 skiers each single hour, Big White has the feel of a small resort while still catering for a wide range of visitors. This entails you are sure to meet new friends on your stay, but you will be able to also find some privacy if that's what you would favor. The Big White has it all when it bears on keeping you happy, and that is why its visitors just keep going back for more, year on year.

The Big White resort ensures quality skiing for every visitor. With its advanced ski lifts, and its simple dedication toward high standards, you will feel like kings on their pristine slopes. The fine, powdery snow is astonishing for anyone to try out, and it can be a true novelty for those first time skiers and experts alike. But if there's one thing overall that you will take from your visit, it is the mere attraction of the place. A winter scene that can so easily be the product of fiction, the Big White resort is an arresting location for any vacation, and a resort that consistently garners its place within the top one hundred resorts all over the world.

And when you do have the family with you, relax! Big White is amply equipped to address the needs of family skiing holidays, and the friendly staff make for a totally relaxed atmosphere. At Big White, you will feel right at home in any of their well-situated gourmet restaurants, or so any of their superior family themed diners.

Big White also extends expert tuition for those who are just starting to ski, or so for the cubs! Not only is this a keen way to get the kids out of your hair for a couple of hours, but you can also help them maximize their enjoyment of the holiday, by improving their skills on the slope. Whatsoever you decide to do at Big White, and wherever you prefer to stay, you can rest assured that you'll love each single minute, and you will surely commend it to your friends and family. So why not consider the Big White for your next skiing holiday, and visit one of the world's most heralded ski resorts? Having such top notch facilities, and a growing reputation, the Big White can only go from specialty to specialty, and is something definitely not to be missed.