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If you are searching for a more exotic skiing trip, why not look at Chile? One of the world’s top-quality skiing regions, Chile is a great place for skiing enthusiasts of any skill level and any age. Consider Chile as an alternate skiing destination with international charm, and gather up some of the Andean culture along the way!

Among the best resorts is the La Parva resort, situated near Santiago. The La Parva resort is often underestimated, billed as 2nd to its higher brother, Valle Nevado.  Nonetheless, if you are more into skiing across continuous, unspoilt terrain, with more diverseness and depth of ski, the most recommended would be La Parva as the resort for you.  With a tally of 14 lifts, the resort is of a average size, and is relatively popular, although still free from the depth of tourists covering the more popular, more approachable slopes.  One element to consider is that the snow coverage isn't always as uniform as with other resorts, and this may lay a problem for some skiers, though if you take the time to research the preconditions before you go, you should be able to know La Parva in all its glory.

La Parva also boasts of a well-equipped training academy, which draws some of Chile’s best skiing talent.  Besides Olympic training, they also offer public lessons, and have an excellent record when it comes to bettering performance.  The friendly and helpful training staff pride themselves on their heritage, and take great pride in the status of their slopes the caliber of their training, which really appears in their instruction.

A significant word of advice - it is important prior to setting off for Chile on your skiing trip that you assure you have your passport in place.  If you do not have a passport, or if your last passport has expired, it may be a good idea to apply early on so you avoid disappointment.  The application and issuing methods can take up to 14 weeks, so it is vital that you budget for this time allocation when reserving your skiing vacation.

Likewise, South America can be an unsafe place to visit, and there have been numerous high profile instances of abduction by rebel and terrorist organizations in the area.  On this note, it is perhaps better to consult the internet for any government admonitions which could be issued, and to keep track of current affairs, though thankfully these instances are getting rarer in these present time.

Why not consider Chile as a perfect prospect for your next skiing vacation?  Ok, so it could be slightly more adventuresome than the other locations you thought of, but you just have to wonder why a lot of people swear by Chile and the La Parva and Valle Nevado resorts, and why the region has become such a hotbed for skiing over the past few decades.  One visit to this astounding country will certainly change anyone’s mind, as you begin to realize exactly why Chile is seen as one of South America’s better skiing locations for experts and novices alike.  With the stretched out appeal to the culture-vultures among us, Chile is also the perfect place to vacation with your family, and you don’t have to spend all your time skiing to savor your vacation.