Skill gaming is a fun way to pass your free time. You find a website which hosts these games and the object is to beat your opponent(s) in either head to head competitions, tournaments or elimination round events where the two finalists face to win the championship. Skill gaming can either be played for free for points (sometimes redeemable for prizes) or be played for cash.

What are the different types of skill games?

There are card games, which includes both traditional games like Solitaire as well as spin-offs of basic card game ideas like blackjack with fun themes and nice graphics. There are word games which are generally Scrabble-type of spin-offs. There are sports games which try to emulate real sport events where you can use some skills learned in real life play such as aim and timing. There are strategy matching games like Dominoes and Mahjong. Action games require some kind of special skill like aiming or being able to move your mouse really fast. Finally there is my favourite which is Puzzle games. They are a mix of action and strategy games where you are trying to score as many points as possible doing some sort of event – ie matching three or more of the same coloured jewels – as quickly as possible.

What are some popular sites for skill gaming?

My favourite is is also good, but be aware that if you are outside the US and wish to play for cash, they take a 30% withholding tax. is another good site. Social networking sites like facebook also have a lot of skill games available as applications.

Is skill gaming gambling?

No. It is more based on skill rather than an element of chance. Even in a card game you are facing an opponent in the same situation as you. Whoever has the greatest skill to make the best use of the situation is the winner. It is debatable whether poker is a skill game or gambling, but even in poker a poor player can win a hand with two aces. In skill gaming you are never given a random advantage over your opponent like that. Skill gaming is completely different from a purely random act of chance like roulette.

In skill gaming, you have the option of playing for cash or just for fun. Although some of the sites that let you play for free have advertising that you wouldn't normally see as a cash player, you are never forced to play for cash.

Finally, if you did pay for cash, the tournaments often have low entry costs and low payouts. It would take you very long and you would have to be a very poor player to lose thousands of dollars. Contrast that to a casino where a gambling addict could lose that in one night.

There are some similar aspects to gambling though. In skill gaming, the "house" (ie the website that hosts the games) has the advantage just like the casino. For instance in a two player cash game where the entry cost is 60 cents and the prize is 90 cents, the "house" is skimming 25% of the payout. The total value of the pot is $1.20 and the actual payout is only 90 cents for a 30 cent profit for them. Most sites give some of their profits back in the form of freeplays. Also, these games can be fun and addictive so you must learn when to stop. As I mentioned before it would take a very long time to lose $1000, much longer than at a casino, but it certainly isn't impossible for someone addicted to be able to pull it off.

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