Unemployment is high right now. It’s a competitive job market, no matter what field you are in. It is not easy when competing for a job. There are certain things that can give you the upper hand. Some of these will not seem to have anything to do with the job you’re going for. Despite that, it still will have a huge effect on your ability to get hired for a job. These skill could even get you a job in a field that you aren’t qualified for. Getting your foot in the door is the hardest part. These skills can help you do it.


Anyone applying for a job should be ready to work as a salesperson during the interview process. You have benefits and your employer has needs. You need to convince them that you are the right candidate to meet those needs. It’s a delicate process because most people will not be very happy if you come in selling yourself like a used car dealer. You need to sell yourself subtly enough to not seem like you’re lying. To do it most effectively you have to change the state of the person interviewing you. If you can put the interviewer in a good mood without going too far off topic then you will get the job.


You also need to know how to network. Not just by handing out cards to random people but by actually making some friends in the industry. It doesn’t take a lot to gain a good contact. Even a single five minute conversation could get you a job. Don’t worry if you’re not the most charismatic person. That can charm an employer too. In networking you won’t always leave the impression you want but you’ll increase your chances of getting a job significantly. People don’t remember bad network conversations at conferences but when they remember the good ones you could benefit immensely.


Persistence is the ultimate difference between those that will always have a job and those that will not. There is always someone out there willing to hire you. All you need to do is find them. You can’t only focus on quality. You need to focus on pure numbers as well. Most resumes get tossed aside in minutes. No amount of salesmanship will be able to get through that. Human resources is not an exact science. They will end up ignoring the perfect resume a number of times. Play the numbers game to get the job.

Don't Wait For Luck

The only exception to needing any of these three skills is luck. Maybe you’ll get lucky searching for a job and find it with one application. If so, then good for you. Do you really want to take that chance? By selling yourself, networking consistently, and putting in the legwork you will get a job.
If you decide just to do what you’ve always done then you’ll probably just end up where you’ve always been. Getting a job today is not easy, in fact, it’s tough but that is no excuse not to pull all the stops and make it happen. So make it happen.