Skills are so imporant to have but most of us have no idea what are skills are or how to use them right. For me I have been on a mission to use what I have as a gift which is what I call skills and take them to a new level for me. I have been thinking long and hard about what skills do I have? Now for the sake of this article let me explain my opinion on what skills are? How we can use them in everyday life? And also how to learn more about the skills we posses and what we can do to make our lifes better from this.

Skills are things that we have in ourseleve that make use different from the rest. For example I might be really good at talking but someone that is shy would not posses that skill. So in looking at this I view skills as something that we have as a gift that we must use in our everyday lifes in order to benefit us and others. If we only benefit self than this defeats the purpose of having a skill to me because we must share what we have with anyone we can in our daily living.

Now with that being said we must now use these skills and share them in anyway possible. For money, without money in order to see others suceed just like ourselfs.

Using these skills may not seem easy but for me the hardest part has been what skills do I have? Well first I took a look at what I do daily and see where I excell and where I do not. This should give you a general idea of what skill or skills you have. Write it down throughout the day what you are doing and what you like doing as well. Do this for say a week and you should start to see a pattern of what your skills are and aren't.

Next after you have done this exercise take the list and put it to use in your everyday life. No matter if you make money doing it or not. The goal is to earn from your skills however at first you may have to do this for free or even volunteer your time in order to improve those skills. So as you can see it does take time to learn what your skills are and there are more ways than what I explained here however the first step to make it is to find out what your skills are.