If you have questions of common mistakes people do when they use skin care products, then this article might hold some of the answers for you. We will look how you should keep yourself informed of products you use during a pregnancy, the importance of good hygiene when using products and we will discuss what you should keep an eye on when it comes to expiration date of skin products.

Many are unaware of mistakes that might do when it come to using skin care products. I will only focus few of them in this article. One of the largest mistakes, and potentially the most dangerous mistake is often done by young mothers while they carry their child into this world. Almost everyone is well informed when it comes to what kind of food to avoid, they are well informed about dangers of drinking alcohol, using drugs/medicines and most have large knowledge of risks associated with smoking during the pregnancy. There is also a danger of using some skin care products during the pregnancy, one of these is the widely used synthetic compound retinoids. This is a synthetic product having similarities to natural vitamin A. Retinods has a good track-record for being effective in sunscreens, acne products and anti-aging products. if you are pregnant, take the time to consult a doctor, or someone who has expertise on what indigents of skin care products you should stay away from. It might be advised to use organic products during the pregnancy, but as I said; consult a doctor or someone with large knowledge on skin care products. Knowledge is often a lifesaver. The next danger is the moment you touch the surface of the skin care product. If you haven't washed you hand, you might transfer dirt or bacteria to the product. It is true that most products have antibacterial effect to avoid this problem. However; after using a product often, it will get more and more resistant to germs. To avoid this, make sure you have good hygiene routines before using a product. In particular on products you will use directly on your skin. The last problem we will look into is the problem with products that are about to expire. When you open a product it will start oxidizing and reduce the quality of your product, as it is exposed to air. The oxidation will reduce the quality, or in worst case make it useless after a while. The easiest solution around this problem is to make sure you don't buy products you don't use often. Try get in a habit of only using products you really need to keep your skin healthy, and stop buying/using products you don't use often. A rule of thumb is to throw away all products you don't use at least once a week. Reducing the number of products you use might also be beneficial in other ways, as mixing some of the chemicals in for example anti-aging products will cancel out the effect of the chemicals within the product. Having the chemicals cancel out each other will make the product useless.

We have briefly looked at some of the mistakes that commonly is done by people using skin care products to keep their skin healthy. In summary; make sure the products you use are safe to use while pregnant, make sure you have good hygiene when using products and be aware of the expatriation date of your products.

I hope this article helped you to be aware of some of the mistakes people do when using skin care products, and how to prevent these things to happen to you.