Fresh and Beautiful Skin

A skin care regimen is more than simply washing daily, it can entail many things. Here you will find out what you want to take in to consideration when your goal is to have beautiful healthy skin.

Skin care regimen step 1 – identify your skin type

To begin choosing the right skincare regimen you will need to identify your personal skin type. Some individuals suffer from simply: oily or dry skin but others deal with what is known as combination skin.

Knowing your skin type is crucial in choosing the cleanser, moisturizer or face wash that is going to work best for you. Once you have figured out your skin type choose a wash or treatment that is the most natural and designed specifically to treat your individual skin type.

If you run across a cleanser that you want to use as a part of your skincare regimen and it says for dry and oily skin – then it is not for you. Rarely will you find a treatment that is effective for a multitude of skin-types.

Skin care regimen step 2 – watching your diet

If you want to help change how the outside of your skin and body look then for most of us you have to begin by changing what goes "in" your body. This means taking a careful look at your diet and the foods you eat regularly.

As a part of your healthy skincare regimen start eating more brightly colored vegetables, whole grain foods, fruits and drinking lots of water every day. You don't have to completely give up meat or other not so skin friendly food just limit them and make them the minority in your diet.

Skin care regimen step 3 – Wash it off

If you make it a habit of putting on makeup, perfumes or aftershaves everyday then be sure you are just as habitual in washing it off. If you do not remove that make up or other skin clogging items then they can easily clog your pores allowing pimples and blackheads to appear and causing your skin to look older and less lively.

One thing that goes hand in hand with washing it off is choosing a soap that is right for your skin. Try to avoid excessive additives, ingredients and chemicals. The best working soaps are often very simple and just right for even the most sensitive skins.

Skin care regimen step 4 – Slough off the debris

Exfoliate your skin on occasion. Though this is not something you want to do everyday and is not great for every skin condition for the majority of skin issues out there you can help by gently exfoliating once every week or so to get rid of dead skin and debris that your soap or cleanser leaves behind.

Skin care regimen step 5 – Avoid completely drying out

Moisturize as a part of your skin care regimen. There are moisturizers that are designed for dry, oily, sensitive and acne prone skin. Just do your homework to find out which one is going to work best for you and your personal skin issues.

Many believe that a moisturizer will somehow make their skin problems worse and this is often not the case. When your skin is dealing with cleansers, soaps, dirt and debris and all the other things life has to throw at it then it can become dry – even though it may not "appear" that way. Dry skin however can exacerbate existing skin issues such as acne pimples, blackheads, splotches and uneven skin tones.

Skin care regimen step 6 - Avoid exposure

As a natural part of your skincare regimen try to limit or avoid if possible exposure to skin marring things such as the sun, heavy pollution and irritants. For sun exposure simply keeping your skin covered and using sunblocks can help keep your skin looking healthy. For pollutions often times these can not always be avoided as they are everywhere you go these days. You can however limit your exposure by again keeping covered and trying to avoid areas where build up is thick and obvious - also rinsing off your skin after a being exposed to pollutants such as car exhaust, cleaners, molds etc can help.

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