Skin care doesn't have to be difficult and better yet, it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg! Taking care of your skin is relatively simple. In reality all most people need in order to have fresh, beautiful skin is sunscreen, a gentle cleanser and a moisturizer. That's it! The earlier you incorporate a simple skin care routine into your life, the better! If you take care of your skin, it will take care of you by looking fresh and beautiful as you age.

Your daily skin care routine should only take a few minutes out of your day. Every now and again you may need to incorporate an extra step into your routine should you have a break-out or experience some sort of rash. In reality, the less "goop" you put on your face, the better. After all, your body is a wonderful machine and can usually take care of itself!

Obviously, sunscreen is the most important product in your skin care arsenal. Just ask any dermatologist or skin care technician and they will tell you that protecting your skin from the sun is of the utmost importance! It can be argued that a good skin cleanser is a strong second when it comes to important skin care products to keep on hand in your medicine chest. Nothing feels better than washing your face after a long day!

So why are skin cleansers so important? I'm glad you asked! You should wash your face with a gentle skin cleanser two times per day. Once in the morning after you wake up and before you go to bed in the evening. Cleansing your skin in the morning is very important if you want to start the day with glowing, fresh skin! Think about it. As you sleep, your skin releases waste products through your pores (lovely stuff such as sweat and sebum). Yuck! It is very important that you cleanse your skin BEFORE putting on cosmetics or sunscreen. After all, you want to start with a fresh canvas, don't you? Putting new products on top of old (not to mention the sweat and other toxins) is just not healthy for your skin and can actually cause you to break out! So get into the habit of washing your face with a gentle skin cleanser each and every morning. No exceptions!

Skin cleansers are available at your local drug store or if you wish to spend more money, you can make a trip to your local department store or cosmetic specialty shop. Honestly, there are many GOOD skin cleansers available at your local drug store and they won't cost you a small fortune! The important thing to remember when choosing a skin cleanser is to make sure that it is a FACIAL skin cleanser! Don't get confused and buy a cleanser that is made for the body. Trust me, you will not be happy with the results as body cleansers are often too strong for the delicate skin on your face and can actually strip your skin's acid mantle. So again (sorry, I must hit this point home) buy a gentle skin cleanser that is made specifically for your face! Oh, and don't even think about washing your face with a regular bar of soap! Doing so will leave your skin feeling tight and dry, a far cry from the fresh, glowing look you are probably trying to achieve!

Most of the skin cleansers that are on the market today work well. In order to find the perfect cleanser for your face you may have to try several before finding one you like. You will know when you have found the cleanser of your dreams as your skin will be clear, smooth and well, glow! Once you find a skin cleanser that you are happy with it is a good idea to buy your toner and moisturizer from the same skin care line. Why? Well, skin care lines are designed to work together. If you mix and match, you may not like the results! Just a suggestion!

Skin care does not have to be difficult. In fact, many people apply too many products to their skin and actually enhance any problems they may be experiencing. Keep your skin care routine simple and stick to sunscreen, a good skin cleanser, and moisturizer. If you have skin issues that just won't go away and nothing that you buy or try works, play it safe and seek the advice of a professional. Good luck and here's to beautiful, glowing, baby smooth skin!