Most people and especially women wants to be eternal young. Disney's Snow White is a good example of the ultimate fight for women against getting older and less beautiful doing so. The evil queen possesses a magical mirror that answers to the following question: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in the land is fairest of all? The mirror answer that the queen is the fairest of them all until a day when the younger Snow White turns sixteen. The mirror answers "Snow White is the fairest of all", everybody knows this fairy tale and how it ends.

The question is for most women today is how can i look young without expensive cosmetic surgery or injections? Using a good skin tightening cream is a good start to protect, nourish and anti wrinkle your face.

If we truly want to understand the working of a skin tightening cream we must know what ingredients it has. The two essential proteins that help the skin to it's strength and elasticity are collagen and elastin. When we grow older the skin loses this elasticity and a good skin firming cream must have the purpose to rebuild these proteins in the skin.

So what ingredients can we find in nowadays skin tightening creams?

Antioxidants like grape seed extracts or green tea are often used. Green tea is one of the latest discoveries in cosmetic land. It offers many health benefits and is a powerful antioxidant.

Another antioxidant is rice bran a natural plant protein. This protein contains squalene that is also foud in olive oil and is good for treating wrinkles. You also find squalene in a lot of collagen products.

Anti Inflammatory like arnica reduces swelling and puffiness around the eyes.

Moisturizers like teprenone helps for a lot of things. It prevents dry skin, tone skin, reduce dark patches and redness. Improve skin texture and pore size which makes the skin look youthful and feel smoother.

These essential ingredients are just a sample from the total of ingredients necessary in skin firming creams to get good results. I hope that you have learned which ingredients in skin firming creams make you look younger so you know what to look for.