Dogs and cats are pets which we all value and cherish. It is important for us to understand the health of our pets. Many people think that a dog or a cat is not affected by serious skin diseases. But in the real sense, we must be very vigilant so that we ensure our pets lead a healthy life. They suffer skin ailments as well.

Types of skin diseases

There are many types of skin diseases that affect our pets. Conditions by fleas are one of them.  If you take your time and inspect your pet, you realize that many skin diseases are as a result of flea infestation.

Hair drop
This is another serious skin disease that can affect your pets. When the pet is affected with this disease, the hair in the body falls leaving the pet’s skin uncovered. It is a very dangerous disease which as the owner of the pet, you need to draw all your attention on. Care and treatment must be considered to ensure that the disease does not spread to the whole body.

This is the most common of all the diseases that affect the pets. Some spots are formed in the skin causing the hair in the affected area to fall. The worst thing about the ringworm is that it can be transmitted from the pets to human beings through skin contact. It is therefore very important to ensure that you treat your pet.

Symptoms of skin diseases in the pets

Presence of fleas in the skin
Pets with fleas on the skin and in fur are many. It is so evident and you can be able to see the presence of these fleas in the animal’s skin. The skin also itches a lot. In many cases, you will find your pet scrubbing on a rough surface due to itchy flea bites.

Absence of hair in the body
Pets which are infected with skin diseases do not have the hair in their skin. The skin will starts falling from the stomach. Also, the pets are irritable and uncomfortable due to pain caused by constant scratching.

Spots in the skin
Pets that have ringworm infection will have spots all over their bodies. The spots can develop into wounds producing pus. This happens when pets have too much ringworm infection.
Prevention and Treatment of pets skin diseases.

High Hygiene Level
Since fleas are caused by dust or dirt, it is vital that you let your pet stay in a clean environment.  You need to wash your pets regularly as well.

De-worm your pets to prevent ringworms. To do this, use the recommended drugs that will not harm your furry friends.