How To Remove Skin Tags At Home

Skin tag removal at home is quite easy to do if you know how to do it properly. It can be quite annoying going to your doctor or dermatologist to get them removed and they can pop up at any time. If your skin tags are quite small, they can be easily be removed at home but if they are very big it is best to go and see your doctor as you may suffer from blood loss if not done correctly.

A skin condition can appear anywhere on the body mostly on the face, armpits,neck, eyelids and also under the breasts. They look like soft pieces of tissue that can hang from the skin and there are many known causes why they appear on the skin.

So what exactly causes this to happen? Medical professionals do not have a clear answer for this but it is often caused by the rubbing of the skin which is quite common in people who are over weight. Pregnant women also get skin tags and this is due to hormonal changes in their body.

The best way to remove them at home is by using a tie a snip method. To do this simply tie some dental floss around the tag very tightly and then get a clean scissors that is sharp and start to cut it off. After this is done, it is important to apply an antibacterial cream or ointment to prevent infection. This type of method to remove skin tags is not painful and is quite similar to what your doctor would have done in his surgery.


Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Skin Tags


Using natural home remedies have also been effective in removing these extra skin from the body. By making a paste with baking soda and castor oil, you will be able to dry out the skin and after a few weeks the skin tag will fall off. This method requires you to do this treatment at least 2 or 3 times per day and may take a little longer than the tie and snip method.

Wart removal products that can be found in your chemist have also been shown to be effective in getting rid of this annoyance. By simply adding a small amount of the wart removal ointment on the affected area, within a few weeks you will be able to see your skin dry up and eventually fall off.

Skin Tag Removal At Home

Using duct tape may also be effective in getting rid of your tags as well. By applying a small amount of tape over the affected area and leaving it there for a few days, you should also see your skin tag fall off. This may not work for everyone, so it is important that you try different methods to find the right treatment best for you.

Olive leaf extract has also been effective in helping with this type of skin condition. If you suffer from skin tags or warts, applying olive leaf extract regularly will help it fall off within a few weeks. It is important to find olive leaf extract that has a good amount of Oleuropein to get the best results from this type of treatment.

Skin tag removal at home has been shown to really work and it is also painless. The next time that you suffer from this type of skin condition, why not try a treatment that you can do at home. If any pain or bleeding occurs make sure to consult your doctor or dermatologist.

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