Here are some tips to ensure that your skin stays white and you do not have a dark complexion. Fair and white skin will bring out your inner beauty and will change your appearance. Dark is nice on some people, but if your skin is made to be naturally lighter and you have damaged it with constant sun tanning, then it's time to whiten your skin again. There are many factors that create bad skin and some things that will make your skin look awful are a poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. Don't do this to yourself and make sure you are picking the right whitening products for your face and body. Before you go out and purchase any type of cream, make sure that you know your skin type and that the product that you are potentially are going to purchase reacts well with your skin. Is your skin very oily or really dry?

These are things that will affect your buying decision. Make sure to read the instructions and ingredients on the skin whitening cream bottle. Typically you will want to stay away from harsh chemicals and it's recommended that you use a natural lightening lotion that only has natural ingredients found in plants and fruit extracts. Hydroquinone is a skin whitening chemical that is used in many creams and lotions, however, it is not approved by the FDA and is banned from being sold in the European countries. The product is effective but many people are weary of the long-term effects of the cream. If you are unsure about one of the products, then use or ask for a free sample of the product and apply it to a small section of your skin that is not visible to people. If you do not break out and the lotion works well, then try another batch on a more sensitive area of your body. If all goes well, then you can apply it to the rest of the areas of your body. Some ingredients that you should look for when purchasing whitening cream is vitamin E, vitamin C and kojic acid. All of the ingredients have chemicals that will inhibit the growth of melanin and will fade dark and brown marks on your body. Remember, when you are using these types of creams, always make sure to apply a generous amount of sun cream when you go out as your skin will be ultra sensitive to the sun light and you will burn easily if you are not careful.