Skin care

Photo by Geotrac courtesy of Dreamstime

We all start aging from the day we are born and our skin records those changes visibly. Since we all want to put our "best face forward" we need to take special care of that skin. Here are some tips and information for issues that form over time and some suggestions caring for skin as it ages.

Did you know that most of the various colored or dark spots on our skin that appear as we age are considered to be caused by sun damage? The number one best thing you can do to protect yourself us to use sun blocks, hats, avoid the brightest rays of the daytime sun and cover exposed areas.

Milia are those small white bumps that are actually little benign white cysts that form just under the surface, being trapped in a pocket of the skin. Some of these will go away on their own. Don't try to remove milia yourself because without the right tools, you can scar your skin.

You might find little scaly dry spots on the skin surface. These spots are Actinic keratosis and are commonly seen as sun damage builds up over time. They are usually pre-cancerous so it is a good idea to have them removed by a doctor. It is a simple procedure and usually they are quick-frozen away.

Brown spots or age spots are another common problem that comes with aging. There are creams and treatments that can help with these.

Bright red small spots that look like dots of blood are called cherry angiomas. They tend to run genetically in families. They will do no harm and can be removed simply by laser if unsightly. They can occur on any part of the body.

Lines and wrinkles are an inevitability of aging skin. But sun damage, again, will speed up the process. Skin looses its elasticity and stretches creating those dreadful creases on our faces. Botox and fillers are probably the most effective ways of hiding larger lines and wrinkles. Some creams can help soften the effect of smaller creases. Regular quality moisturizers and good facial treatments will minimize these effects of aging skin.

As always, good nutrition, regular exercise and plenty of sleep will help keep your skin well-nourished and at its best. But as time goes on, our cell replacement becomes less efficient and the battle of time will tell on our faces. We can soften the changes of aging but not stop them. So take good care of your skin, check with a doctor whenever you see abnormal changes, and enjoy the gift of your body and skin no matter what age you are!