Is your Kindle looking a bit boring? Want to spruce it up a bit and add a personal touch to it? That is exactly what skinning anything does! Essentially skins are usually stickers in which you place the different bits on the front and back of your device and it adheres firmly but not so much that you cannot remove them if you wish. They also usually have a nice pattern on them so that they aren't so boring to look at. They don't really protect your device except maybe a bit but that's the main reason to get one.



SkinIt is a wonderful site where you can order a plethora of skins for a bunch of different devices and they also have a HUGE selection for you to look through. They are also reasonably cheap, probably not as cheap as making your own if you already own a decent printer but they are going to be a bit better quality as well. I suggest taking a look at the site at least to see if there is anything in there that you would be interested in getting.


With such a large selection there is no doubt that anyone can find one they like. However, if you can't they also have a feature where you can upload your own and they will make it for you! This is wonderful for those of you who are talented artists, if you aren't though you might have to find someone who is. It is a simple process to make one but not something that most people will be able to do.



GelaSkins also looks like a fantastic place to shop for some skins, they look a little better than the ones at SkinIt too. I haven't tried GelaSkins though so I cannot comment on their real quality. Though they are also around $5 cheaper it seems so this might be the way to go if you find a patter you like. On the contrary though they have a much smaller choice which is kind of disappointing, though they allow you to make you own custom skins just like SkinIt so that's a big plus.



If all else fails, or you wanna get by real cheap you can buy a skin from eBay. They are mostly low quality from the looks of it, but they are also EXTREMELY cheap which is of course going to show on the quality. So if you want something disposable then just search on eBay really quick I am sure you will find a million auctions up at any given moment.


Applying a Skin to Your Kindle

Applying is a little trickier, it takes a very steady hand. The best method I found was to get a corner just PERFECT. Then rub it in nice and good so that it doesn't move and slowly work my way outwards. I swear I never get them perfect but it's usually good enough you won't notice it if you aren't looking for it. The worst part though is the back in which the speakers make it kind of hard to work out the edge, or at least it was for me. So watch out for that, there are some videos on YouTube which may help you if you still don't understand. That's how I made sure I did it just right.