Skin whitening cream Skin whitening cream

Skin whitening cream is used to whiten the skin in certain areas, usually on the face or arms, where
a discoloration of the skin has occured. The term "skin whitening" itself became well known when celebrities such as Beyonce knowles and Lil'kim were pictured with a whiter skin tone than in pictures taken prieviously. For example when Beyonce was placed on the front cover of Vanity fair magazine it appeared to many that she looked significantly whiter than she had in earlier videos for the group destiny's child. There are a number of ways in which she could have whitened her skin, and one of which is via a topical skin whitening cream.

The use
s of skin whitening cream

A skin whitening cream can assist in reparing and covering damaged and discolored skin such as age spots, liver spots, and blotchy skin caused by acne or sun damage. When an area is darkened by skin damage it is called hyperpigmentation and this is the primary use of skin whitening cream. It is also useful for darker skinned indivuals who perhaps have an uneven skin complexion or whose skin has been discolored by disease or infection. Skin whitening cream is currently extremely popular in parts of Asia and Africa in order to whiten the skin which is sometimes seen as being a sign of good health.

How does skin whitening cream actually work?

Extensive scientific research has shown that variations in skin color are due to the skins natural way of environmental adaption. Skin and hair color are controled by a pigment called melanin. The amount of melanin in the skin determines its color. Indeed, from people in hotter climates more melanin is produced from the exposure to the sun hence they have a darker appearance. In whiter skin less melanin is produced because they have been exposed to less sunlight. Skin whitening cream works by inhibiting an enzyme called tyrosinase which is responsible for the synthesis of melanin. By reducing the amount of melanin that is produced by the skin it can change the skins color. However, care must be taken because melanin is also the skins natural defence barrier against harmful UV radiation from the sun. In reducing the amoung of melanin you are also reducing the amount of protection so when using the skin whitening cream make sure to wear plenty of sun block and protective clothing.

The main ingredients of skin whitening cream

Hyroquinone is the most common ingredient found in skin whitening cream. It works the way described above by ihibiting melanin formulation to produce whiter skin. However, hyroquinone is quite aggressive in this matter and has been known to cause irritation. Some hyroquinone creams may actually cause cancer, but this is apparently due to the added mercury that some of the skin whitening creams have. Other examples of skin whitening ingredients are Arbutin, Tretinoin, and Kojic Acid.