Skinfood Product Review

Skinfood is a very popular cosmetic company based in South Korea. The company is known for its natural products that many people, especially from Asia, love. Their products are usually made of extracts from fruits, vegetables, crops and many others. It sounds healthy, right? It will not only enhance your beauty but would also benefit your skin because of the natural substances in the product.


If you are looking for the perfect lip tint, worry no more because Skinfood has something for you. The company has several kinds of lip tints to choose from. But if you wanted a natural red-looking lips that would last a couple of hours, you may want to try this product I’m about to give a review.


The Skinfood Tomato Lip Tint has becoming a very popular product in Asia today. This lip tint contains tomato extract, thus explains the name. There are three shades to choose from and these are the following: Shade #1 Cherry Tomato, Shade # 2 Berry Tomato and Shade # 3 Orange Tomato. The product is cheap and it would only cost you around 7-10 dollars. I have only tried the Orange Tomato shade and it was awesome! You can use this lip tint when you want your lips to look naturally red. It does have a light coverage which I like. In my experience, the product lasts for 4-5 hours after application which is great because it would keep me from re-applying over and over again. It also has a very cute orange container which I adore. What I don’t like with this lip tint is the “jelly” feeling on my lips after the first couple of minutes of application. The lip tint can last for months depending on how frequent you use it.


If you're interested to buy this product, there are many online stores in the internet that you can try to look. Making an order online is just a couple of clicks, a very easy task you can do. Keep in mind that you choose the right shade for you depending on your preference.


Using this product not only flushes your lips, but also moisturizes and nourishes it at the same time. This is the advantage of Skinfood lip tint; it doesn’t dry your lips. This product is a great option for people who have a very limited budget. Also, the tint is great for your everyday use. This Skinfood product deserves to receive five stars.

Skinfood Tomato Lip TintCredit: TiffanyCredit: Tiffany