Skinny belts for women were in style throughout the majority of the 1970’s; however, they quickly fell off of the trend wagon and were considered as being “clashy”. Just as happens to most clothing items, skinny belts became “in style” towards the end of the 21st century!

The greatest thing about these women’s skinny belts is that they can be worn with virtually anything. Whether you’re throwing on your most fashionable dress or new pair of blue jeans, a skinny belt will pair with them perfectly!

I am not writing this article to promote specific products or tell you to buy a specific type of belt; however, I am writing this to open your eyes to the possibility of wearing these types of belts.

Most Women’s Skinny Belts Are ½ Inch Thick

The average belt loop is able to fit a 1.2 inch belt; however, the majority of belts are only 1 inch thick. In order for a belt to be considered as being “skinny” it should be no wider than ½ inch!

Basically, the belt should ne noticeably thinner and able to recognized as a skinny belt from a few feet away. With that being said, people would not be able to tell a 0.8 inch belt from a 1 inch belt unless they took out a ruler and started to measure it! This is the main reason that the clothing designers have created these skinny belts for women to be half of the size of a regular belt!

Choosing A Black Belt Will Match With Any Dress

When you head to the clothing store to buy a skinny belt, you will be faced with a wide variety of options. You can choose to buy a black, brown, or colorful belt!

There are obviously benefits to each of these options; however, I will be going over the benefits of choosing a black skinny belt!

Many women have closets that are full of colorful dresses; however, nobody wants to spend hundreds of dollars on different colored belts to wear with each dress. The simple solution to this problem is to buy a black belt that can be worn with all of the dresses!

A black skinny belt is the perfect solution to this problem because it can be worn with all of the dresses that are found in a woman’s closet!

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On The Other Hand, A Colored Skinny Belt With Contrast With Jeans And A Shirt

You can also choose to rock a red, white, or blue skinny belt with your newest pair of jeans. I really like this clothing combination because it combines a retro and modern look at the same time!

I would also recommend wearing a colored shirt that matches or contrasts with the color of the skinny belt that you have chosen.

For instance, women can choose to wear a yellow skinny belt along with a pair of jeans and an electric blue top. This is perfect because the yellow belt will blend in with the jeans and contrast with the blue shirt!

Women can also wear a navy blue belt with a pair of jeans and a light blue shirt. This combination is also great because the belt blends in with the jeans and shirt.

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Double Wrap Skinny Belts Are Great For Women That Like To Stand Out

Double wrap belts hadn’t become famous until about 5 years ago; however, they have made an enormous impact on the fashion and clothing market! Double wrap skinny belts for women are basically ½ inch wide belts that are long enough to wrap around a woman’s waist twice!

These are really cool and look great when being paired with some vibrant bracelets and necklaces.

I am not saying that skinny belts are the only accessories that women should wear; however, they will definitely enhance your wardrobe! There are basically two options:

-black skinny belts

-colored skinny belts

Either of these options have their benefits; however, I would recommend getting a few different ones. Most women’s skinny belts sell for under $15, so you should be sure to buy a black one along with or 4 colored ones to match your wardrobe!

At the end of the day, these ½ inch wide belts will compliment practically every piece of clothing that you own and can be worn with a variety of jeans and dresses! I would highly recommend purchasing a few!

There are many skinny belts for women; however, these tips will allow you to choose the best type of belt for your closet!