Skull cap helmets are the perfect way to protect your head while you are riding on your motorcycle; however, they are meant to be worn while riding cruising bikes, rather than sports bikes. Have you ever seen a person riding a 600cc Honda CBR while wearing a helmet that is in the shape of a skull cap? Probably not!

These motorcycle helmets are designed in a way that allows them to look good while being worn on a 1400cc Harley Davidson, or a 750 Honda Shadow! Realistically, the helmets will protect your head in the unlikely event of a crash, regardless of whether you are riding a sports motorcycle or a cruiser; however, they will look much better while riding a big motorcycle.

The Majority Of These Half-Helmets Are Completely Black

I am not trying to say that it is impossible to find a blue, green, or red half-helmet; however, the majority of the ones that you find will be black. The reason behind this is simple: black motorcycle helmets are universal. You can wear a black helmet with a blue, orange, white, or red motorcycle; you can basically wear one with any motorbike, regardless of the color.

With that being said, most motorcycle protective gear is also black. Head on over to your local motorcycle superstore, and you will discover that almost all of the gloves, boots, chaps, and jackets that are made to protect you have a black finish on them! Black leather motorcycle accessories make up the majority of the products that you will find in a motorcycle shop, so it only follows that black half-helmets are very common!

Outlaw And Daytona Are The Largest Manufacturers Of Skull Cap Helmets

A helmet is pretty much the only thing that will protect your head if you happen to fall off of your motorcycle. Whether you are riding a 600cc Suzuki GSXR or a 1400cc West Coast Chopper, your helmet is the only thing that will make the difference between well-being and injury! With all of that being said, it is important to buy your protective gear from one of the most reputable motorcycle helmet manufacturers on the market!

Outlaw and Daytona are two of the largest manufacturers of skull caps and half-helmets, and I would highly recommend buying one of the helmets that they produce! In addition to all of their non-novelty helmets being DOT approved, they manage to sell them at affordable prices! The main reason that you can buy a Daytona or Outlaw helmet for under $60 is because they focus on creating functional helmets rather than flashy helmets.

Skull Cap Fitment-Tight Enough But Not Uncomfortable

Finding the perfect-fitting motorcycle helmet can be nearly impossible! Unless you get one that is custom fitted to your head, you should count on it being a little bit too tight or too loose! However, a custom fitted skull cap helmet will cost upwards of $500, so most people would rather buy a general one for $50! A general rule of thumb when deciding whether a helmet fits properly or not is to ensure that it sits “tight enough, but does not make you feel uncomfortable”!

With that being said, it is important to follow this rule when you are trying on any other pieces of motorcycle equipment. For instance, a mesh jacket, Kevlar gloves, and kevlar boots should be tight, but not uncomfortable! With that being said, the protective equipment that you wear on a motorcycle should not shift, shake, or move while you are riding!

You should also pay attention to the location of the strap on the motorcycle helmet. The strap should sit immediately below your chin, and should not hurt your chin when it is tightened. Finding the best fitting motorcycle helmet can be a tedious process; however, most people own their helmets for at least 7 years, so it is well worth it!

Skull Cap Helmets With Removable Padding-Easy To Wash

You may not think that you will sweat a lot while wearing your motorcycle helmet, jacket, gloves, or boots; however, I can guarantee that they will be soaked with sweat after riding your motorcycle for as little as 10 minutes! The fact of the matter is that the protective gear is thick because it is meant to protect you in a motorcycle crash. The thick material retains heat, and eventually causes you to sweat a lot!

Choosing a skull cap helmet with removable padding will allow you to wash it relatively easily. The helmet will be more expensive; however, washing the non-removable padding of a helmet can be nearly impossible!

Choosing a motorcycle helmet is a HUGE decision; they are not cheap, and you will probably have it for at least 5 years. You can choose to buy a modular, half, or full-face model. Skull cap helmets are only one of the many options that you have; however, I would consider them as being the best helmets for large motorcycles (cruisers).