People want to have tattoos not only because of art's sake but because of the pride that they can have while showing the tattoos. Men usually choose designs that can boost their ego while wearing the tattoo. There are many designs that men and women can choose from since there are now many tattoo artists who can create simple and intricate designs.

One thing that people should understand is that tattoos are permanent so they should really choose the design that they like. They should also carefully plan on where to put the tattoo. Among the designs that have various meanings are the skull tattoo designs. They are not as flexible as other designs but they can be extremely intricate to show elegance.

Skulls are perceived in different ways when it comes to the meaning that they carry. Some of the meanings are very contradictory. The common connotation that skulls have is the fearlessness or death. This is the reason why many people see the skull designs as scary and black. Ask some people about the skulls and they will surely give the same impression.

On the other side of the skull designs, they can portray strength and power in a positive way. They can also be a symbol of protection. In Christian culture, skulls are perceived as a symbol for eternity, human vanity, and repentance. This is the extreme opposite of the mainstream impression of the skulls. During the ancient times, skulls were seen as a symbol for great change instead of death. These meanings are the reason why there are many people who choose skull tattoo designs.

Skull tattoo designs are popular among men because some men prefer to have the design to show toughness and masculinity. Whatever the true meaning of the skull is, the first impression of the people who will see the skull is masculinity. This is usually represented by a skull with crossbones. A skull with a serpent symbolizes immortality. The designs can be very simple but there are others that are very intricate. Skulls can be partnered with other symbols to represent the personality of the wearer. They can also be used in tribal designs in which the borders and lines are very detailed.