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Sky diving in Michigan is one of those things that adventurous people love to do. Skydiving is one of the most common extreme sports there are, and almost every city has various companies offering similar or different skydiving packages.

What is Skydiving?

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If you’re not familiar with skydiving, what you do is you get on a small plane or any aircraft and get to around 1000 to 4000 meters in the air. Military skydivers usually jump from higher altitudes to avoid gunfire while on the aircraft. The most common aircrafts used for skydiving are planes, but helicopters balloons, and blimps are used too.

First time skydivers usually dive with an instructor. They aren’t allowed to dive by themselves on their first time because skydiving is a very, very dangerous sport. Many have died in this sport and first timers can be very vulnerable to accidents due to the lack of experience. The fact that you have an instructor tied to your back doesn’t make it less thrilling, it just assures you that you’re in safe hands. And if in any case you get into any trouble, you’re experienced instructor will find a way to get you to the ground safely.

Why Michigan?

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Sky diving in Michigan is one activity the adventurous people cannot pass. It is because Michigan has on some of best companies that offer great skydiving packages and deals. Tandem and single dives are two of the most common variations of skydives you can take. Tandem skydives are usually for first time jumpers and jumpers who are too scared to jump on their own. Even more experienced jumpers who don’t trust themselves enough can dive with a partner or an instructor.

Skydive Tecumseh

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Skydive Tecumseh has some of Michigan’s best skydiving instructors. They offer packages for first time divers and experienced divers alike. If it’s you’re first time and you want to dive by yourself, they unfortunately won’t let you because their name and their business is at stake when accidents happen.

Skydive Tecumseh is one of the most heavy promoters of sky diving in Michigan, and they have constantly proven themselves to be worth the money customers pay them. They have a family friendly drop off zone with lots of space for picnics and games while waiting for friends and family to land. If you plan to skydive and you have friends that want to watch you dive, this is the perfect place to go to because they make their area available for free. They have chairs, tables, and lots of space for picnics and running around.

Skydive Tecumseh has been around for almost 50 years and are members of the United States Parachute Association. They are a certified USPA training center. So, if you want to take the sport as a serious hobby, don’t hesitate to approach Skydive Tecumseh. Just dial 1-517-SKYDIVE to make your reservation today. There is a $50 reservation fee and to skydive the rate starts at $245.

Midwest Freefall

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Midwest Freefall is the Skydive Tecumseh’s biggest competitor. With similar offers and competent instructors, Midwest Freefall will make it hard for people to choose which skydiving company to choose. The best thing about Midwest Freefall is that they have Michigan’s largest aircraft exclusive for skydiving—a 17 place jet-prop Cessna Grand Caravan.

Diving by yourself or with an instructor, you’ll surely have the best time of your life. Midwest Freefall is also a USPA certified skydiving center and is a certified training center as well.  The rate here starts at $219 per person.  This company is one of the reasons why Sky diving in Michigan is considered one of the best in the world.

Visit both offices to find out which center to choose when planning to go sky diving in Michigan. Who knows? You’re first dive might be the one that will hook you up. By the way, there are coupons and vouchers available online that will give you a discount when you go sky diving in Michigan under these companies.