Spring into the Blue

Book Yourself a Tandem or AFF Stage 1 Skydive!

Springtime has arrive for most of us.  For some of us Fall has arrived. 

Freefall that is.

It's a sign.  It's an omen.  The skies are blue and  it's time for you to go for a Skydive and experience what it is like to plummet with you belly towards earth at speeds up to 120MPH.

No, Skydiving is not for everybody.  However it is said that everybody should jump at least once in their lives.  And add that coveted tick on their Bucket List.

If your age is deterring you from taking the plunge.  You might then want to speak to Fred Mack who celebrated his 100th birthday with a Tandem Skydive.  

If Fred can do it so can you.

What is a tandem skydive?

A tandem skydive is when you jump out of a not so perfectly good airplane with a professional skydiving instructor attached to your back with a harness.  You've probably seen pictures or video of this before.  The skydiving instructor or Tandem Master (TM) is highly experienced skydiver with thousands of jumps under their belt.  The TM's job is to skydive with you attached to them, deploy the parachute safely fly the parachute back and basically save your life.

The tandem skydive is a great way for anybody to experience what it is like to fly through the air and go for a skydive!

If you are feeling a little more brave and adventurous try your first Skydive as an AFF Stage 1.  AFF stands for Accelerated FreeFall.  Not only in this jump will you be able to experience FreeFall without a Tandem Skydiving Instructor.  You will actually be jumping by yourself.  Since this is your first jump though (Beer).  You will have 2 Skydiving Instructors jumping with you.  One instructor holding on to each side of you.  Their job is to hold on to you and to keep you stable.  If you forget to pull and deploy your main canopy (parachute) an instructor will pull and deploy your parachute for you.  This usually results in failing your first AFF Stage 1 jump.

Okay, maybe jumping isn't for you.

An AFF Stage 1 Skydive does require more time and training then a Tandem Skydive.  In a tandem skydive the tandem student or passenger is briefed in about 15 minutes for their jump.  An AFF Stage 1 jump usually requires about 8 hours of ground training and about 2 to 4 hours more ground training come the day to jump.  This is usually broken up into about 3 days depending on what DropZone you are at and who is training you.  Also remember for all the extra fun you will have on your AFF jump that it does cost a little bit more money.  The extra money that it does cost is well worth it.  You can also use your AFF jump towards your skydiving training should you wish to continue and pursue the sport skydiving and attaining that coveted A License.

One of the great things about doing an AFF Stage 1 jump for your first skydive is that you get to fly the canopy by yourself.  Don't worry.  It's not hard and is actually a lot of fun.  Since this is your first (Beer) time flying a parachute by yourself you will have a radio attached to your helmet.  One of your instructors who is already on the ground and guiding you safely to the ground will be giving you directions which you can hear through the radio that is securely attached to your helmet.

At this stage of the skydive your instructor will fly you down to the LZ (Landing Zone) and tell you where to fly and when to flare your canopy.  Flaring the canopy is when you bring the toggles down to your sides which slows your canopy flight down.  It's similar to brakes on a car.  Only for a parachute.  When you use these brakes on your parachute it will plane out your parachute out so that you can have a nice soft landing.

The big question remains.  So, what is skydiving like?  

Skydiving is like nothing else you have experienced.  No words can describe it.  Skydiving is truly an experience that simply must be felt.

Another very frequently asked question is: Does it feel like falling?

No.  Skydiving doesn't feel like falling one tiny bit.  Skydiving feels more like floating on a cushion of air and being free. 

A trained and experienced Skydiver can move freely in the air and participate in remarkable feats.  You can fly.

Maybe now after being briefed on Skydiving you will find the adventurous side in you and call up your local DZ (DropZone) and make yourself a tandem booking.  If you are feeling really adventurous then book yourself your AFF Stage 1 skydive and let the fun begin!

Blue Skies.


A Skydiver Experiencing Freefall