How to go Skydiving in Florida

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One can go skydiving in Florida in many areas all over the state.  Skydive City is one company that operates out of several Florida cities and offers those adventurous enough to do so the opportunity to take the plunge.  Whether it is a first jump or ongoing instruction in order to become certified to jump solo, Skydive City has the service one needs and the instructors to make sure that jumpers are well-taught and that safety is paramount.

Skydiving in Florida requires one to be over the age of 18.  In addition those that are not in good health, are over the age of 70, or may be overweight should first call and speak to someone at Skydive City about making a jump as there are some limitations as to who is a good candidate to make a safe dive. Also, one should be aware that a waiver of liability and full disclosure of one’s health status will be required prior to making the jump.

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Once it has been determined that one is a safe candidate for skydiving in Florida, plans to make a jump can be made.  Before making reservations a good consumer will always want to check online to find internet deals or special including vouchers or coupons that can allow for a discounted rate for the jump.  One should then either make an online or telephone reservation. 

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On the day of the jump, one should be prepared for a great deal of instruction before the big moment occurs.  At Skydive City those wishing to go skydiving in Florida will first have to spend some time in pre-jump training.  One will also have to be fitted for a jump suit and a harness.  After careful preparation and instruction one will be ready to undertake the first tandem jump with a qualified and FAA certified jump instructor.  After a flight up to the appropriate height the tandem will jump from the plane, experiencing free fall before the parachute is activated and the pair glides and floats safely to the ground.

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Those who go skydiving in Florida should definitely look into online packages offering videos and pictures to help memorialize this first jump.  These package deals from a place like Skydive City often offer discounts on future jumps as well on good deals for video and photographs that are taken by professionals during the jump.  Other deals such as ones for groups that jump together are also available and there are deals at Skydive City that allow a group coordinator to jump for free if he or she can get a large enough group to reserve and place a deposit on a future jump. 

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Skydiving in Florida can be quite an adventure.  Imagine the breathtaking beauty from those heights and the thrill and adrenaline rush that will come from the free fall and the serenity of the rest of the jump from the moment the parachute opens as one begins to float down to land once again.  One should investigate Skydive City for the adventure of a lifetime and take the plunge and go skydiving in Florida.