When you are needing to make calls you can now get a free software application called Skype. This program allows you to make calls all over the world. Sometimes if you call mobile phones or landlines there might be a small fee. With Skype you can do many other things instead of just using it to call family and friends.

Skype emoticons

Skype is used for having a video conference. transferring files, and talking on instant messaging. With so many people using it for instant messaging Skype decided to create emoticons for people to use while talking. The reason why is because you can express yourself with these emoticons in so many ways and even use them to show your favorite song or support a charity.

All that is required to use these Skype Emoticons is just simply copy and paste what you see here into the instant messaging and you are good to go! I am going to list five emoticons that are known all over the world and used the most in instant messaging.

Top Five Skype Emoticons

:D :=D :-D :d :=d :-d

The Big Smile

Sometimes you just feel ecstatic when you get good news or you could just be feeling hyper from having coffee. Maybe you just broke a record with your favorite online game. If so, you can use this big smile to let everyone know how happy you are!

:( :=( :-(

Sad Smile

There are days when everything is going wrong and it makes you feel really sad. Put this on and let your friends know that you just are having a very bad day so hopefully they'll be careful when they talk with you.

:o :=o :-o :O :=O :-O

Wink Skype emoticon

You can use the wink emoticon to flirt or either just to let the other person know that you agree with what they are saying.


Sweating icon

When life doesn't go our way or you are worried sometimes you just need to let other people know and you can do that with this emoticon. Hopefully talking with your friends might calm you down some so you won't worry!

:P :=P :-P :p :=p :-p

Tongue Out smiley

Just feeling in a goofy mood or that you want to tease someone? You can do just that with this emoticon!

There are many, many more Skype emoticons available right now - nearly one hundred. Which one is your favoutite?