The problem with plumbing systems is that they sometimes fail – big surprise. Really, there are many other systems out there that tend to fail with time, rust, and wear. So there is no reason to think that pipes and other supplies are any different. I had a friend come to me the other day with a question regarding this topic at his house. It turns out that he was actually having a slab leak at his home. So naturally, I referred him to a local plumber that I knew. You might be wondering how I knew that it was a slab leak and I will get to that momentarily, but first I would like to do a brief overview of what will be discussed in this particular article. In this article, I plan on uncovering the various, give-away signs of a slab leak, how they can be fixed, and the various detectors used to find them. Now, I will reveal how I detected the fact that he had a slab leak. I am the son of a family of plumbers. So I grew up learning and watching all of the jobs that my dad had. Naturally, I picked up on many different things. Go figure, the more that a person watches something getting done, the morel likely they are to pick up on things right? Well, that is how I learned what I know about the field of plumbing. However, I was one of the few members that went to college so, as for now; I am not on track to become a plumber. For now I have other things on my plate, but I do know that the field of plumbing can be very rewarding for those who are lucky enough to own their own business and receive enough work.

As many already know, the slab is a layer of concrete or other substance that the majority of homes are built on. There are a large number of pipe lines that navigate their way through it. Sometimes, due to a variety of reasons, a leak will occur in the slab. Now, there are several ways to detect one of these and the following paragraphs reveal some of the main ways to do so.

One of the most abundant tell tale signs of an underground slab leak is a high water bill. Most homeowners have a decent idea of what their average water bill is – even if they do not pay special attention to the total, they should have some idea of the final tally. When the bill is extremely elevated, there may be reason to suspect a leak.

Another common method of pipeline leak detection is warm or hot spots in a specific area of the floor. Water that may have crept up through a pipe in the slab may be gathering around a spot in the floor.

These are just a few of the various slab leak detection methods and there are several others for those of you needing a few more pointers.