A Slant Fin humidifier is a germ-free humidifier that uses ultraviolet light and a process which kills germs. This allows you to produce a mist which is nearly 100% germ-free.

The power of the UV light is combined with boiling water to deliver a warm comfort of mist that's free of bacteria, fungus or mold spores.

It can cover up to a 400-square-foot area, and there's even a larger version which is a cool mist evaporative humidifier.

There's the GF-200, which is a 2-Gallon Humidifier, the GF-220 which is a Cool Mist Humidifier and the GF-240 which is a 1.9 Gallon Humidifier.

The HoneyWell HWM910 is a Warm Moisture 2-Gallon Humidifier, too. This humidifier doesn't need filters and doesn't put out any white dust. Wipe it down with vinegar once-a-week and it's clean.

Do that every 1-2 weeks. It boils away the water really fast because they're really lying. It calls it a 2-gallon humidifier because it can put out 2 gallons a day, but the tank is 1 gallon.

That means in one day 1 Gallon will boil away and you'll have to fill it up again. Thus, it keeps boiling dry. The moisture pumping capacity is low. Don't you think calling it a '2-Gallon' Humidifier, but you have to fill it up twice every day is a bit deceiving?

With the Slant Fin G-200, the Pros are that it's effective, it very clean (it's basically both a bacteria and a mold free mist),

Cons, its power consumption is high because of the constantly-boiling water, more than cool-mist units, and it diffuses slowly-but-surely.

From other reviews, of the GF-=350 and 200 modules I had thought that I would have problems, but I use distilled water in the unit so there are no buildups of lime and I can go for long periods of time without cleaning the unit. My local Albertson's store has 2 1/2 gallons of distilled water for $1.49.

I wouldn't even want to imagine how much mineral deposits there would be if I used the water from the tap. I live in Mesa, Arizona and we get our water from the Central Arizona Project which has horrible levels of lime in the water. Of course people should consider that it would build lime if they used non-distilled water.

When the windows are shut it does a good job of humidifying the room. Also, when you set it to 'high', it can be loud, but just set it to low at night.

So, as long as you use distilled water in the Slant Fin unit, if you have allergies to molds, it's a great unit. Use this Slant Fin Humidifer review to help you make your decision.

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