A Pretty Woman And Some Terrific Seasoning!

Slap Ya Mama
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This Stuff Can Make The Least Able Cook Seem Skilled

When it comes to cooking I started very very late in life.  Oh I was totally spoiled by my mother.  My mother was always a wonderful cook, and still is.  Thing is, when I had no interest in cooking, my mother never bothered to make me interested.  Probably, it wasnt' mom's fault.  Probably, it was more a "women cook, men do men things" sort of deal.

Well, that's just how it was in my family.  That's how it was then.  Nowadays I cook almost all of my meals, and you know what?  I not only love doing it, I think I prefer my own cooking in the instances when I know how to prepare the same dish as does mom.  I like my seasoning of dishes better.  My mother is kinda tame when it comes to seasoning things.  Me?  I like things seasoned in a more adventurous manner.

This is where Slap Ya Mamma seasoning comes in.  Slap Ya Mamma seasoning has allowed even a beginning cook like me, a guy who never started cooking his own meals until he was over 35, to feel like he's got it covered.  I do have it covered, by the way, and lots of times it is covered with my favorite seasoning, Slap Ya Mamma original blend.

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Slap Ya Mama Original Blend, 8-Ounce
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This is the first blend, the original blend that started it all. Bursting with flavor, this is the most popular blend and is the mildest of the three "Slap Ya Mama" season-all blends. Great on any dish from steaks to seafood, pastas to popcorn.

All Natural, No MSG, And Is Available in a HOT Version As Well

Seriously now, I'm a Texan, and I live in North Eastern Texas.  I grew up around both parents, all four grandparents, and lots of aunts and uncles, and ...no joke, all of them are lily white like I am.  What I'm telling you is we forever ate really tame Southern cuisine.  I'm more adventurous though.  I always felt the relative proximity of my home to Louisiana made Cajun style foods ideal for the trying.  Also, it's no doubt there are tons of Hispanics in the area, and virtually all of them have ties to Mexico, and so when I cook, I'm forever making a Cajun and Mexican food hybrid type thing.  It's not uncommon for me to season meat up with Slap Ya Mamma, some Tapatio sauce, and then have it in Guerrero brand flour tortillas.

I'm a man that cares about my community.  I know even the little things I do affect people far away, and so I am careful with my purchases, and refuse to support huge fascist corporations like Monsanto.  Literally, if I'm down to eating Ramen noodles, I throw the MSG flavor pack in the garbage, and add Slap Ya Mamma seasoning.  The stuff even goes well on popcorn.  You literally can't mess anything up with the use of it, you can only use too little.

Now this particular seasoning, it isn't particularly spicy to me at all.  It is very mild to my mouth, and even as liberally as I use it on both my meats and my vegetables.  I don't understand lots of things in this world, but folks are literally walking among us who'd maybe think this fine, all natural seasoning with absolutely no MSG in it is...too spicy.  Those people, thank the Lord, are rare.  It's equally strange to me, but more common, to find people who not only can tolerate a lot more heat or Scoville units than me, but practically demand them.  For those persons, there's no worries on the Slap Ya Mamma end, as they've got a hot version of their fine seasoning as well!

Are you a vegan?  Can't wrap your head around the idea that eating meat is anything but immoral?  Hey, no animal products in Slap Ya Mamma seasoning, and this stuff has done wonderful things for every vegetable I've ever introduced to it. There is a fish fry mix available, and there is nothing short of death which will prevent me from trying it after I do some good stream fishing this Winter and Spring.  I'm thinking it will be AMAZING on both bass and catfish, especially seeing as how I've yet to find a solitary dish I don't enjoy it on.  It even goes well on Italian style pastas.  Buy this and try this today!  You'll thank me for it, thanks for reading.

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One 8 oz Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning Hot Blend
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"SLAP YA MAMA" Cajun Seasoning - Hot Blend "SLAP YA MAMA" Award winning Cajun Seasonings are made in the Heart of Cajun Country in Ville Platte, Louisiana. After the tremendous success of SLAP YA MAMA's award-winning seasoning blends, Uncle Dugas wanted to turn up the heat! So we created "SLAP YA MAMA" HOT Blend, pushing his taste buds to the limit. Season any kind of meat, poultry or seafood before, during or after cooking. Use as a rub for grilling, smoking or frying. Enhance your marinades Add Real Cajun flavors to Jambalaya, Gumbo, Shrimp and Crawfish. Spice up everyday foods like popcorn, pizza, burgers, fries, eggs, pasta dishes, salads, chili, tacos, etc. Add more spice to your Bloody Mary or take the bitter taste out of your beer. This listing is for a 8 ounce can of "SLAP YA MAMA" Hot Blend Cajun Seasoning. FREE with your order of any SLAP YA MAMA" Cajun Seasoning you get 6 Cajun Certified recipes direct from Mama's Kitchen !!!!