When most homeowners are trying to change their kitchen floors they imagine a hardwood, linoleum or vinyl as a covering. Along with these common types there are some other choices offered by many flooring designers or even do-it-yourself home owner retail stores to consider. One type of material becoming very popular is slate. There are a number of benefits to putting this kind of substance in this room of your house that cannot be overlooked.

Lots of people could never imagine using slate for a floor, even in the kitchen. Though, after looking at it with more information this is a perfect choice for this busy room in any house. Unfortunately, countless homeowners overlook it for all the benefits it provides because it is something out of the ordinary or unusual. Many miss out on the fact this is the ideal kitchen floor.

It is ideal because it is both unique and beautiful along with being very durable. Since it is one of the least common floor materials used for the kitchen, it is one of the most unusual in the marketplace today. 

Anyone that would like something out of the ordinary along with other appeal factors  should look more closely at it before dismissing the idea. There are slate kitchen floor advantages many homeowners aren’t aware of.


Slate floors are extremely durable. A kitchen is one room in a house where durability is very important. The amount of traffic flowing through this particular room of the house compared to others is extraordinary. Most receive traffic from more than one door and numerous visits  throughout the day and night. Having the right substance under foot will account for how often you must replace it and looking great longer than others, no matter how much traffic it receives every day.

No floor will last forever, but these are more durable than vinyl or even wood for the same amount of time and receiving the same amount of foot traffic. If you still have kids or animals in the house durability will be a large part of what type of floor works out best for you.


One of the biggest advantages is the amount of colors you can choose from. Most homeowners consider these and imagine the only color option is black. However, colors for slate floor tiles or entire slate floors come in a variety of choices for the consumer.

Retailers that sell these have an enormous amount of various hues and tints in stock and some even offer custom creations to match a specific decor or design. If you are thinking about tiles, consider mixing in a design of your own choosing. Discuss these options with the retailers selling the merchandise and installing it for you.

Having the choice to choose from more than simply black is a little known fact about these kinds of floors. Additionally, slate wins out easily over wood when you compare it to how many choices you have in color options. Of course, vinyl has many more options for color than wood. Though, when you combine color with durability you will give vinyl fewer points and slate wins out again.


A huge benefit over other flooring is their uniqueness. Chances of a neighbor, family member or anyone you know having a slate kitchen floor like yours is slim to none. These are generally one of a kind if nothing else. When you add a different color choice outside of black to it you can bet no one else will ever have it. Throw in tiles and the chance is even higher of not finding anyone else with your design or decor.

The shine and gloss of it is attractive and appealing for countless people. It seems to look like it is brand new for so much longer than other materials because of this. Anyone that chooses the tiling options will also get an even more unique floor. Tiles crafted into your own design makes for a remarkable and very unusual addition to any home.

Slip resistant

These are actually created as slip resistant. Slate floor tiles are even more resistant to slips than just slate floors. Don’t worry about taking a fall or having a spill on this kitchen floor. You are safer walking or even running on this one when compared with other kinds. If you have older members of the family that could take a fall resulting in serious injuries, installing one of these is a great idea. Even with little ones moving in and out of the room, staying away from falls is wonderful. No homeowner wants their insurance to go up or see anyone hurt.

Stain resistant

Natural stain resistance is not found with this floor. Even with their natural resistance another appeal is they seal extremely well. This means a spill that would ruin other floors is not an issue with this one. Your slate flooring is safe and protected against accidental spills. Slate floor tiles seal even better and will resist more stains than comparable materials like marble or wood. This adds to the appeal in the floor's durability factors.

Maintenance is easy

Easy and stress free maintenance for the kitchen floor is always a good thing to hear. This means keeping it clean won’t take up a lot of your time and effort. A quick sweep and mop will get the job done. The natural shine and gloss seen with new installation will last for a long time. Keeping it in great shape does not need any special products or professionals. Wood is one substance where you see unique products needed or professionals need to come in for rebuffing or shining. These are extra costs on top of what you pay for the original floor which could run you thousands of dollars.

In conclusion

There are a number of benefits  seen with a slate kitchen floor not found with other choices many homeowners make. Although this is not an option that appeals to every homeowner it certainly has a number of great advantages to consider in a flooring decision for a kitchen

Although lots of people take their time choosing their appliances and furniture in the kitchen they seldom look very hard at the flooring material. Find something remarkable with slate flooring before making up your mind on your next new kitchen floor.

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