Slate tile is a very popular form of flooring today. In fact, from commercial businesses to home interior planning it has gained a wide following of dedicated fans who will use it any chance that presents itself. The following is a compilation of some of the reasons why, I believe, slate tiles have gained their popularity throughout the world. To make this a little more useful and readable to you, I have broken my reasoning down by some categories on the subject.

Slate Tile Flooring - Because of the strength and long term durability it maintains, many people believe that it is one of the best choices for their home or office. Because of the naturally occurring non-slip surface that it has become a favorite in high traffic situations and especially those where children will be consistently present. Due to its non-porous nature, cleaning is much easier than with carpeted surfaces. It also does a fine job, a majority of the time, hiding dust and accumulated dirt. Because of the vast diversity in the color palates available, it is not overly complicated to match it to almost any decor.

Black Slate Tile - You would probably be amazed at how many people are looking for this on a daily basis. The reason for this could be that a number of folks will mistake it for marble tile and they believe it is a more cost effective way to grant a touch of class to their residence or commercial property, as well. It is a favorite, not just for flooring but also for countertops because of the ease of clean up and the way it can blend spills and daily use particles with their pattern. This is why it can make an excellent choice for a slate tile backsplash in the kitchen. The black coloration stands out and make others take notice. Of course, it is also perfectly at home in either a traditional, classic or contemporary decor styling so it can fit in to almost every room and still be relevant to the room after several remodeling projects over a period of years.

Discount Slate Tile - Due to the abundance of slate it can usually be found at a fairly cheap price, making it even more attractive from a cost efficiency standpoint. So when you think about the possibility of finding liquidation sales or discounts due to distributers purchasing too much stock for a job you realize that there are really attractive deals to be found on great looking tiles. Almost everyone wants to find the best product at the lowest cost, and odds can be in your favor when using the approach of choosing already reasonably priced floor tile at a discount. Also, because there are lots of vendors online, you can find good deals with a with some research time.

These are just a few reasons that this kind of tile has become so popular over the years, and if you decide that installing slate tile in your home or office is the right choice then you may just find that there are many more reasons that you will love it.