Old man winter has opened up his eyes and cried a winter wonderland outside. The trees are laden heavy with the glistening snow, and the children along with the adults are racing to hit the outdoors for some winter fun. Nothing says winter like building a snowman and racing a sled with your friends. Right now there are plenty of sleds for sale. You can buy a snow sled now at a discounted price if you look around on the internet. There are some pretty cool sleds for adult and children that will have you flying down the slopes. Here are just a few that I have found.

Sleds for Sale - Snow Racer King Racer

If you look over at snowsleds.net you will see a fantastic line of snow sleds for sale that have been marked down. The Snow Racer King Racer is a fantastic sled for an adult that is into extreme sledding. Not only is the STIGA Snowracer brand known for its quality workmanship, but also for its safety standard as well. The King Racer is longer and bigger with increase height in its steering column and seat making it more comfortable for the grownups to join in the fun. Furthermore it has an automatic winder for the tow rope, steering spring, safety wheel, and a dual action knee and foot brake. Its sleek black and silver metallic steel frame will make you the envy of all the kids on the block.

Sleds for Sale - Hammerhead Pro XLD Snow Sled

Remember the days of the classic Flexible Flyer sleds. The Hammerhead Pro XLD Snow Sled is a re-invention of this old classic that was loved by many. The sled has a patented precision G-steering mechanism that takes sledding downhill to a whole new level. This sled features an ergonomically designed chassis allowing you to maneuver cool turns and execute rugged terrain at lightening speeds. This sled also has many accessories to pick from making your sledding experience unforgettable. This is one sled that will not disappoint and can be found at Amazon on sale now.

Sleds for Sale - Airslider

Right now at Target you can purchase the Airslider sled for 20% off. It is in stock online, but you cannot purchase it in the store. This sled is on clearance, so you should buy a snow sled now before it is no longer available. It is a one rider sled that is double walled inflatable sled with rigid plastic runners. It comes with a pull rope, bellows pump, wrist strap, and a carrying case.

You can look around for more places online and in stores for sleds for sale. You should go ahead and buy a snow sled before the winter season is over. Spending time outdoors at this time of the year can be exhilarating and fun for children and adults.