Sleep Apnea disorder

This is when the breathing pattern is disrupted during the night and can last for a few seconds or even a minute or two. It can happen many times during the night. Happening every night this can have an effect on your blood pressure and your heart too. This medical condition is more prevalent in men and can be a dangerous disorder.

Who is revving the Harley in the Bedroom

Is your trouble with sleeping associated with breathing and snoring problems? Are you perhaps keeping the rest of the house awake with the noise being like a train, or a large Harley Davidson motorbike riding through the house. This sleep disorder can mean that you are not getting a restful night. Without you realising it you are waking up constantly and falling back to sleep again and you might well have the symptom of feeling tired during the day. You might have to consider some form of sleep apnea treatment like a specialist mouthpiece to help you breath properly.

Cures for Sleep Apnea

Cures can be weird such as attaching something to the back of your pyjamas to encourage you to not sleep lying on your back. This is because, that position alters the way the air you breath enters and possibly could be partially blocking your airway so that you will awake struggling for breath. If you are waking up like that it can't be conducive to getting the necessary sleep you need to keep your days productive.

Are you too Fat

There could be an more of an obstruction of the airway due to fatty tissues in the neck. Losing some weight can be a solution to sleep apnea problems, so a remedy can be to lose some weight. The trouble with that remedy is that it will take time and you could have other problems that are causing the excess weight to stay there. It could seem like an insurmountable problem to overcome. Going the drastic route of some sort of surgery could be the only answer.

Snoring remedies

A simple snoring remedy could be as simple as using those nasal strips that attach to your nose. They stick to the sides of your nose and the spring of the strip opens up the nasal passages allowing you to breath easier. Using the nasal strips in conjunction with other snoring treatments could overall be effective for you sleep apnea problem. There are also specialist pillows that can help.

Natural remedies

You could think about getting a jaw supporter which keeps the lower jaw up and encourages breathing through the nose instead of through the mouth. It could improve your REM sleep as you can drift off, due the airway being opened up enough to allow better breathing. You could try asking an orthodontist to make you a proper mouthpiece which will also help the teeth grinding problem if you do that too.

Quit Smoking to help your Snoring problem

It is highly likely that smoking can contribute to your snoring and breathing difficulties, seeing as your lungs will not be as efficient as a healthy person. It is obvious that you are an unhealthy person if you are a smoker and it will cause other health related problems in your life. Same if you have a heavy smoker in the house as the unfiltered smoke, the secondhand smoke will affect your health too. Make the smoker go outside to smoke so you will breath easier, both during the day and also at night.