How can anyone have sleep deprivation on vacation? Isn’t the purpose of a vacation to get rejuvenated which would include getting rest? In theory, getting rest would be a primary result of getting a break in your routine. The reality is that it is probably more likely that you will get less sleep while away on vacation that you would get at home. The reasons for this phenomenon are plentiful. Even though the symptoms of sleep deprivation on vacation will still be similar to those you may experience at home, they may not be as obvious to yourself or those around you because of your change in activities and emotions.

As I stated, there are plenty of reasons to get less sleep while on vacation such as sleeping in a strange bed with different smells or sounds than what you are accustomed. The foods that you consume while on vacation may be different from what you would normally eat; or even if they are the same, they may be cooked differently with spices and additives unique to the region. The regional climate, time changes, the altitude, and the level of humidity can all affect the way your body responds to your sleep cycles. It is very hard to predict, even based on personal experiences, how you are going to sleep in a new environment. Add the excitement 0f being on vacation or the thrill of a new adventure, it becomes more and more obvious that you have some adjustments to make to ensure you get adequate rest while you are away from home.

Some of the early signs of sleep deprivation include yawning, tiredness, being irritable, and wanting to take a nap. We have all heard of “Jet Lag” and will often chalk up these early symptoms to being jet lagged, especially when we first arrive to our new vacation site. Having an extra celebratory drink or two may be considered the reason for a head ache or upset stomach when the real reason is that you have not had enough sleep. With so many changes to your normal routine, it is easy to overlook the underlying cause of your discomfort while on vacation. In the same way, it is easy to misdiagnose why your child is so cranky or will not stop crying.

It is very important to watch for symptoms of not getting enough sleep and take actions to correct the causes of sleep deprivation on vacation, especially if you are on an extended trip. Too little rest for too long can put you at risk to develop even more serious symptoms of sleep deprivation that could include suppressing your immune system. This could result in you or one of your travel companions getting sick. No one wants to be sick, especially while on vacation. If you are spending good money to enjoy yourself, why not do everything in your power to get the most for your money. Preserver your sanity and prevent sleep deprivation on vacation.