Ever sleep too much? I know back in my youth I had some times when I’d be in bed almost 12 hours straight. I would still feel terrible. Hopefully you had the good sense to not fall into that trap. What if I told you that most people actually do just that? You’d probably be thinking, you’re crazy people have things to do or dang kids are so lazy these days. While either of those might be true but the people I’m talking about are sleeping 8 hours a night. Sleeping a full 8 hour night can be harmful to your health. Studies have shown that the ideal amount of sleeping time is 7 hours a night. It also showed that 6 hours a night is healthier than 8 hours a night. It is better to sleep a little less than to sleep too much.

Plan for it

To sleep for only 6 to 7 hours a night you need to plan for it. The best way to start incorporate this into your own life is to just go to sleep later. Set your alarm for the usual time and wake up then. It can be a challenge to get up at first. That will happen with any change in sleep habits. The body takes time to adjust to a new schedule but there are also things you can do to wake up a little better.

Prepare your body

Ever wake up feeling more tired than when you went to sleep. That is often due to needing food. Before bed eat a small handful of almonds or another small snack to make sure your body has the energy to get up after a long night of rejuvenation. After making these first two things a habit your body will wake up before the alarm on a regular basis feeling completely awake and alive.

Life is your own experiment

After you get into the habit of sleeping the right number of hours and eating something small before bed you’ll begin to sleep better. I’m now going to give you the secret for any individual to maximize their sleep schedule. It’s something that very few people take the time to do with their lives but can benefit them more than they could imagine. It’s something that you probably already know from other experiences in life. Every individuals needs are different so to optimize a sleep schedule you need to experiment. Learn to create controlled experiments for your own sleeping pattern. As you find something that works begin to use it.

Those that sleep longer have higher mortality rate. Anecdotal evidence is also clear. Sleeping longer causes people to live less healthy and less time. Sleep less to live longer. You may not be convinced right now but there is only one way you’ll ever know for sure. Try it today and see how it affects your life over the next couple weeks. If it works you’ll see a new vibrant you in the mirror every morning. That will be well worth the time you invest.