Sleep Number Bed replacement parts aren’t too hard to find, you just need to know where to look.

These advanced beds are more than just a fancy mattress. Each bed contains moving, mechanical parts that are essential to your comfort. If any of these parts fails, it is likely that your Sleep Number Bed will stop working entirely or be uncomfortable. Most Sleep Number Beds sold have a two year warranty on parts which means the user is responsible for repair and maintenance after that.

To find the right sleep number bed replacement parts we first need to identify the different parts that typically need replacing.

Sleep Number Bed Pumps

The pump in these beds is responsible for adjusting the amount of air on either side. If this part stops working, the mattress will no longer increase in size and may completely hinder any adjustments. Replacing this pump is easier than most would assume. I bet most owners could replace the pump in their Sleep Number Bed without too much trouble.

Sleep Number Bed Air Chambers

The air chamber holds the air and it obviously needs to remain intact if your bed is expected to work properly and be comfortable.

Where do I find replacement parts for my Sleep Number Bed?

Some websites will sell the pumps and air chambers so you can fix your bed. is the best website I have found for selling parts. They have good reviews for customer support and their prices are reasonable. Most Sleep Number owners aren’t sure which parts to buy or which parts they need to replace. If you need any information before purchasing, just call their number or send them an email and they will make sure you get the part you need quickly. is another website that sells replacement parts for your Sleep Number Bed. These parts are slightly more expensive that Air Bed Pros. They offer local and national phone numbers for assistance as well. This site also makes it easy to purchase parts for other specialty beds such as Select Comfort.

Before looking elsewhere, I suggest checking out these two sites. Their reviews are good and their prices are fair. There are more places to find parts but these two sites have consistently good customer feedback, are easy to reach and offer competitive pricing. Don’t get discouraged if your Sleep Number Bed breaks, you can find replacement parts easily and affordably.

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