Camping can be great fun and a sleeping bag for two can be a great addition to your family's camping gear. There are many reasons why a two person sleeping bag might be chosen. Fortunately, what was once an oddity in the outdoor community has become widespread and it is easy to find many types of double sleeping bags that will meet and exceed expectations.

Why use a sleeping bag for two?

Camping is a great way for couples to get away from the boredom of daily life and spend some quality time with each other. What better way than to snuggle up together inside a queen-size sleeping bag. The sense of closeness and warmth will be relaxing and bring any couple closer together. Few couples travel and sleep in separate beds, so the concept of a sleeping bag for two is really not a foreign idea.

Mothers and fathers will often sleep in an oversized sleeping bag to keep some room available in case one of the youngsters becomes scared and needs some reassurance. There is plenty of room to bring a kid or two into the fold and protect them from whatever dangers they believe are lurking in the woods.

There does not have to be any sacrificing of quality and comfort by opting for a large bag. Many of the same manufacturers that produce a standard sleeping bag also make larger versions. They can be found with down filling, moisture wicking capabilities, attached pillows, flannel linings, and other features that make for a quality night's sleep. Many of the most popular models will separate and form two individual bags, too. This allows for flexible use. Mom and dad can enjoy it together and later the kids can separate and use it for scout outings or sleepovers. They are great investments.

Below are some of the most popular models on the market today.

Slumberjack Bonnie and Clyde Sleeping BagSlumberjack Bonnie & Clyde 30 to 40 Degree Sleeping Bag
This is a great sleeping bag for two! The ripstop nylon exterior yields to a comfortable flannel interior. The bag conveniently zips into two separate bags, too. The Slumberjack has two attached pillows and comes with a convenient duffel for easy carrying. Rated at 40 degrees, it is perfect for most summer and fall camping.

Columbia Queen Size Sleeping Bag
The Columbia Sportswear Company is legendary for the quality and style of its goods and this jumbo sleeping bag is no exception. The polyester outer shell has a micro fiber interior and a soft fleece foot area. It comes with pillows and also a large carry bag for easy travel.

American Trails Adam and Eve 2 Person Sleeping Bag
Another great bag aimed at the camping couple. This nice sleeper is bargain priced! Rated to 40 degrees, it is another great bedding option for milder temperature camping. This polyester bag has a synthetic fill and measures a generous 80" by 66". Plenty of room for two people to enjoy each other's company. At around 11lbs it is lighter weight than many two person sleeping bags.

North Face Twin Peaks Sleeping BagNorth Face Twin Peaks Double Sleeping Bag
A great looking bag from the crew at North Face. This bag boasts a rating down to 20 degrees so it is perfect for cold weather camping. It has two gadget pockets and a neck flap to keep drafts out. Its tapered silhouette eliminates wasteful lower body space and the accompanying cold spots. This is a great bag for the more serious camping couple.

Big Agnes King Solomon Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Down
This may just be one of the finest double sleeping bags on the market. This down filled bag is not only rated for very cold climates, but has amazing features. Side zippers allow each person easy access. There are neck draft flaps for each user. It has a built in sleeve to hold a sleeping pad for those who want extra comfort. Its squared off mummy design keeps it warmer near the lower leg area. Amazingly, this bag only weighs just over 5 lbs! This is a great lightweight bag for those who seek the best. Its price is near the higher end of the two person bag spectrum, but with so many features it is worth it.

A sleeping bag for two can be a wonderful purchase to put some spark back into any couple's love life. The convenience and portability of many models also mean that they can handle serious camping in the real outdoors. Just as easily, a queen size sleeping bag can be used for a nap after a picnic in the park two. There are many great ways to use these bags that will bring any couple closer to each other. If a fight breaks out, many will zip into two individual bags to allow for a timeout and clearer heads to prevail. Camping is fun for the whole family and mom and dad will enjoy time for cuddling after the kids have been tucked safely into their own toddler sleeping bags or infant sleeping bags. Check out a sleeping bag for two this year.