Sleeping bags are blankets that are folded in half that have a zipper on one side to hold the sides together. The point of these zippered bags is to hold heat in and keep people warm when they are sleeping in the elements. These bags keep people warm from their toes to their chin. Maybe as far up as the head if you tuck it in.

Sleeping bags are used when carting around a normal bed is impractical. Camping, Hiking, and climbing are three times when taking your mattress along would be silly. These portable beds protect you from the weather and give a little cushion from the hard ground. They can also be used during times when your own bed is not available. You could use a sleeping bag when you are moving, visiting friends or relatives, or remodeling your bedroom.

Types of Sleeping Bags

Cheap and Discount Sleeping Bags

Inexpensive sleeping bags are generally of a lower quality. They can work just fine under normal camping conditions. Cheap and Discount sleeping bags should not be used under extreme weather conditions. They are simply not designed for such use. Inexpensive bags can be found at Wal~Mart and other discount shops. Good quality discount sleeping bags are important for hardcore outdoor activities.

Kids Sleeping Bags

Kid's sleeping bags are smaller than adult sleeping bags. They often have cartoon character or superhero designs on them. Kids like bright colors and their favorite characters. Children are more sensitive to the elements and you need to make sure that the quality of the bag is good enough for the type of conditions it will be used under.

Having a kid's sleeping bag on hand is useful when children want to have a slumber party or other overnight event where they cannot take their own bed. By carrying a sleeping bag with them you know that what they are sleeping on is up to your standards of clean. It may not be a bad idea to send a pillow of their own with them as well.

Girls Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags for girls often has pictures of a princess, My Little Mermaid, or various Disney characters that attract little girls. These girl's sleeping bags are the same as other kid's sleeping bags except for the character designs that they are made with. They may come with a pillow or fancy girly carrying case to keep the little girls entertained. Sending a fancy girl's sleeping bag on sleepovers can make the overnight trip less scary and more exciting.

Double Sleeping Bags

Double sleeping bags are made to hold two people instead of three. They are twice as wide, and are even warmer if they are holding two people. They come in all the different styles that normal sleeping bags come in but keep couples warm and cozy, while they are trekking about the countryside. These are great to use on family camping trips. There is no reason for couples to sleep alone when there are sleeping bags for two available for sale.

Mummy Sleeping Bags

Mummy sleeping bags are a big different than other bags. They have a tapered shape and are made to fit more tightly to the body. These bags are slimmer than others and are even warmer. They look kind of coffin-like but other than that shouldn't freak anyone out too bad. One of the nice features of mummy sleeping bags is that they fit around the back of the head and keep the ears warm. These bags will retain more warmth than the normal rectangular sleeping bags.

Mummy sleeping bags are fantastic as a hiking or climbing bag. They are lightweight, not as bulky, and very useful. Some people have problems sleeping in such tight quarters and if you do, you should try to find something else. Other people can sleep in any type of bag with no problem whatsoever.

Camping Sleeping Bags

The type of sleeping bag that you use for camping depends on the type of camping that you are doing. If you are camping out in a tent and in good weather any old sleeping bag will work. If you are camping out on the ground and in inclement weather you should look into higher quality camping sleeping bags. They will keep you warm when the wind kicks up and if the temperature drops unexpectedly. Camping sleeping bags should be filled with some type of insulation to keep you warmer and hopefully cushion your body from the rough terrain.

Backpacking Sleeping Bags

Backpacking sleeping bags need to be lighter weight than camping bags. When you are hiking over rugged terrain having a lightweight sleeping bag will help you to make good time. A large bulky bag will wear you out and be difficult to store. Backpacking sleeping bags should be high quality but lightweight mummy bags as backpackers tend to be out of touch with civilization for periods of time.

Lightweight Sleeping Bags

Lighter weight sleeping bags are often used by professional hikers, climbers, and other outdoorsy types. These can be less durable, yet more expensive, than regular bags. Lightweight sleeping bags are made to keep people warm while not exhausting them when they have to carry them from place to place. If you are a rough sleeper you need to be careful when buying a lightweight sleeping bag. Make sure that you get one that can withstand your tossing, turning, and kicking.

Down Sleeping Bags

Down is the fine feathers under the normal feathers of water birds. Down sleeping bags have great insulating protection and will keep people warmer than a lot of cheap synthetic fillers. Down is lightweight and is often used in high quality backpacking sleeping bags. Down is often used in beds and quilts, and if they are good enough for that why not get down sleeping bags for the family. It'll keep you warm and cozy until morning comes.

The right sleeping bag for the right type of activity is important. An adult bag would be way too large for a small child and a camping sleeping bag would be inappropriate for a climber. Decide what your activities will be prior to running out and buying the first bag that strikes your fancy.