Pregnancy is the most exciting part of a woman's life. It is at the same the most dangerous, in which a woman is most gullible and sensitive. Family members must be involved in keeping a pregnant woman healthy and comfortable to prevent complications and miscarriages.

Coping with pregnancy is no easy feat. It may come across as simple as eating vegetables on television, but the truth is very far from what television shows can lay down. A pregnant woman's body undergoes a lot of physical and physiological changes, both external and internal, most of which cause discomfort. You will find every minimal reason to be irritated and annoyed even when nothing wrong is going on. This is because of the hormonal changes going on coupled with increasing uneasiness brought on by bodily changes. That is why being well-rested is important for a pregnant woman - It keeps health and energy in prime condition.

A growing belly will make it difficult to bend down and reach the toes. It will also make sleeping distressing. Maternity pillows are available to help pregnant women gain sleep soothingly. It is also easy to create a rest-inducing bed with pillows that are readily available at home. Put one behind your head, and another under your legs to keep it in a bent up position; keeping the legs straight is a little uneasy as it stretches the abdomen. You will also find it better to sleep on your side because the weight of the baby is placed on the bed instead of it pushing down your spine.

Some pregnant women find it difficult to sleep because of their unborn baby's activity. Babies do not necessarily follow the sleeping time of their mothers. While this is a good sign that your baby is alive and kicking, it is unavoidable; though, through time you will find your baby's kicks as soothing as a bubble bath. Rub your stomach or talk softly to respond to your baby and seize the opportunity to bond with him. Listen to classical, or jazz, or any kind of music that is mellow and relaxing, or read a book that induces happy thoughts.

Hormonal change is the primary reason a pregnant woman cannot easily sleep. This internal change is necessary and uncontrollable, but you can help your body relax and prepare for a good night's sleep. Take a warm bath before sleeping, but do not soak too long or you may get an infection. Drinking warm milk can also help you sleep immediately. Rubbing body oil or lotion on your tummy not only soothes you, but also helps keep away stretch marks which no woman ever desires. However, you should be careful of the ingredients of the oils and lotions you are using, there are some which may be harmful to your unborn child. Lots of lists can be found all over the internet and in medical books, but most importantly, consult your doctor before using anything on your body while you are pregnant.