Trouble Sleeping- Fall Asleep Faster

Have you ever found yourself so tired that you are ready to fall asleep at 7 o`clock, yet when you 11 o`clock bed time rolls around you feel like going for a jog around the neighbourhood? It turns out that this is not a phobia or disorder as many people begin to assume, but rather a series of actions that lead our body into this state of staying awake. Both your body and mind must be ready to fall asleep for you to enter a slumber. It must be true then that if we use some known tricks we will be able to avoid this state of being awake and fall asleep quickly. That is what this article is designed to do! It was written so that you can acquire these skills and ultimately fall asleep faster.

Avoid Stimulants

You should absolutely avoid eating anything with a high sugar of caffeine content up to 3 hours before you plan on going to bed. These stimulants can be things as simple as juice or fruits. The interesting fact about food products that are high in sugar are that you many only feel the physical effects of that sugar for about an hour, but it can continually keep your body stimulated without you noticing for up to 3 hours. To ensure that your body is ready to fall asleep at your bedtime, make sure to avoid all stimulant food products for up to 3 hours prior.

Avoid Stressful Or Intense Thoughts

When you are lying in bed, the last things that you should be thinking of are stressful or intense thoughts, as these will only hinder your brains ability to let you body enter a slumber. It is hard to understand the concept of not thinking about anything, but after the first time doing it, you will have no problem doing it again. You are basically going to try and picture and think about bland, and relaxing things; examples of these include a calm waterfall, and flowers blowing in the wind. These thoughts will allow your brain to relax and enter its `sleeping mode`.

Keep A Dark And Quiet Setting

I know that many people enjoy falling asleep with the television or a light on, but the fact of the matter is that they all distract your brain and do not allow it to fully relax. A dim light stimulates your visual senses, and a television stimulates both your visual and audio senses. You are going to try to make the environment as peaceful as possible; it is understandable that some people sleep with a significant other that may have a different preference, but it is important to make it as peaceful as the situation allows.

Maintain Heat In Your Hands And Feet

Since your hands and feet are at the ends of your body, they receive blood at the latest point in the chain; furthermore, this makes them cooler than all of your other body parts. It is important to keep them warm with things such as socks and gloves so that your body does not have to work to keep them as warm as the rest of your body parts. Keeping them warm will take quite a bit of stress off of your body so that it may fall asleep easier.

Find A Comfortable Temperature

The majority of the time that people have trouble sleeping is because they are trying to fall asleep in a temperature that their body is uncomfortable with. Options to adjust temperature include air conditioners, heaters, blanket thickness, and amount of blankets. With the right combination of the above variables you will be able to find the appropriate temperature for your body to fall asleep in.

Find The Right Pillow

The pillow doesn't have to cost you $200 or have memory foam to be comfortable. You should first find a pillow that you would be absolutely comfortable resting your head on for at least 20 minutes with minimal adjustment. Having the proper pillow will also allow you to have a deeper sleep and wake up without neck pains.

If you follow these steps you will surely be able to fall asleep in the blink of an eye...literally. Use as many of these tips as your situation and body allows and you will no longer have a problem falling asleep quickly. It is also important to note that these tips will solely help you fall asleep faster; having a deep and peaceful sleep is just as important.