Are you a music lover and do you want to earn money by listening to music? That’s possible with Slicethepie!

What is Slicethepie?

Slicethepie is a website where you review songs from artists. Subscribing to Slicethepie is free and you decide how often and how long you want to rate the songs of artists. You also decide what music-categories you would like to review, so for example, you can indicate that you like blues and country, but not hip-hop or jazz.

How does Slicethepie work?

MusicYou listen to songs of mostly unknown artists and you should listen to at least the first 90 seconds. After these 90 seconds you can rate a song and submit your review.

However, you can start writing the review immediately. This review should be at least a couple of sentences. You don’t need to be musically trained or have special musical knowledge to review on Slicethepie.

Each review is rewarded by Slicethepie, but your reward depends on various factors like the quality of your rating, length, but also your Slicethepie-rank. In the beginning you will earn a few cents per review, but over time each review can be worth 10 cents or more. Some of the Slicethepie-veterans earn up to 25 cents per review.

You can earn more by submitting long reviews in well-written English. The more detail you put in your review, the more you earn. 

Slicethepie will not make you an instant millionaire, but if you listen regularly to the music, the money you earn will grow rapidly and you can easily earn a nice amount of money for each ‘scouting session’.

In the meantime there are more than 7 million reviews submitted via Slicethepie and they paid their members nearly a million dollars.

How does Slicethepie pay you?

Slicethepie pays out through Paypal, so you will need a Paypal account. Once you have more than $ 10 in reviews, you request a withdrawal. Normally you will get paid within five days.

How do you start on Slicethepie?

You can register via the Slicethepie-website. There are no hidden charges. You can register either by filling out some fields, as well as with your Facebook account.

Slicethepie tips & tricks

By using one or more of the questions below, you will be able to write good reviews for Slicethepie:

  • Write your review while you listen, it allows you to instantly react to things you hear
  • Rate parts of the song, such as the intro, melody, chorus, do these sound attractive? Or are these not special at all?
  • What about the singer? Does he or she have a clear voice? Does the singer hit the low and high notes? How is their vocal quality?
  • What about the texts? What is the song about? Is there a creative use of the words? Do the words have a deeper meaning?
  • Does the song have a heavy beat? A catchy rhythm? Does it stick in your head?
  • What instruments are played and how do these instruments sound? How do they go along with the voice (s) of the singer (s)?
  • Do you like the structure of the song? Is it a beautiful, original composition, or is the song not original at all?
  • Do you think the song has commercial value and potential for the charts or do you feel it is more for a specific audience?

If you like music, then Slicethepie is worth trying. It is addictive and fun to do, while earning money at the same time!