This is slicethepies logo. is a free music listening/reviewing website. This site allows users to review music and get paid. Unlike other money making sites on you have the ability to listen to great music and get paid for reviewing the music.  In this article I will be explaining how to make money on


        Scouting is how you make money on and it is the topic I will focus this article on. When you join slicethepie as a scout you have the ability to earn a lot of money. You start at a level 1 and earning 1 cent a review. You also get a energy bar of 10. You start by listening to a piece of music for 90 seconds then you write a review of that piece of music. The more music you review the higher the level you get and the more money you get per review. The energy bar plays an important part of reviewing music, when you review a piece of music it uses one energy in the bar. The bar consists of 10 energy's. Every 3 minutes the bar adds one energy to get a total of 10. Slicethepie does this to ensure that users are spending enough time reviewing music.

    The minimum payout for slicethepie is 10 dollars so once you have reviewed enough pieces of music you can withdraw your money.  Slicethepie gives users the great ability to make money that no other company online has.  Once you start out on the site you will earn less then 50 cents an hour for your work but as you gain experience you can earn p to 2-4 dollars an hour. This is a great way to earn money that not many people utilize. Slicethepie is a 100% legit site so dont worry about not getting paid.

    Slicethepie has no referral program currently and scouting is the only way to earn money but if you work hard you can be succesful on the site.


    So there you have it. is a site where users can make money reviewing great music. I encourage you to check out the site to see some of the great opportunities they have to make money.  Although the pay for reviewing music is low it  feels like fun when you are listening to the great music people make.