Who Has My Baby Oil? The use of baby oil is not just for babies these days. There are many ways in which it can be used for day-to-day remedies and solutions to make our lives function more comfortably. You might want to consider a generic bottle of baby oil as your newest household staple, saving you hundreds of dollars by not having to purchase 'designer' cleaners and other specialized products. Here are a few 'slick', extraordinary ways that baby oil can be used in your daily routine.

Things You Will Need

Generic Brand Baby Oil

Step 1

Shave with baby oil instead of shaving gel. It will help soften your dry skin, keeping it moisturized longer than lotion.

Step 2

Removing Rings Remove rings that are tight with baby oil, when you want to slip your rings off before cooking a meal or working in the garden

Step 3

Rub baby oil on your skin before going out into the cold when getting your daily exercise. The baby oil will not only protect your body, but insulate it as well, keeping you warmer.

Step 4

Use baby oil to aid when taking off band-aids. It will keep your arm or leg hair intact while removing the adhesive.

Step 5

Stubborn Zipper Use baby oil to help with a stuck zipper. Use a cotton ball or q-tip to apply to the zipper, making it easier to slide.

Step 6

Use baby oil to remove masking tape on a surface or a price sticker doesn't peel off as easily as it should. Dab a little oil on the offending sticker, let soak into the sticker then wipe clean with a soft cloth.

Step 7

Tangled Jewelry Knots To un-tangle knots in jewelry, use a straight pin dipped in baby oil to ease the tangle

Step 8

Use baby oil to remove paint from your skin, serving double duty by softening it as well.

Step 9

Make-up Remover Baby oil makes a great makeup remover. Dab some on a cotton ball or q-tip to remove eye shadow, liner and mascara.

Step 10

Use baby oil to quiet squeaky door hinges, knockers or other squeaky hardware.

Step 11

Luxurious Bath When taking a soothing luxurious bath, add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil and a few squirts of baby oil to the bathwater, providing a full body moisturizer with soothing effects.

Step 12

Clean Golf Club Heads Use baby oil on your chrome-plated carbon steel golf club heads. Keep a small bottle filled with baby oil in your golf bag along with a chamois cloth or towel. Dab a few drops of oil on the cloth and polish the heads of your clubs after each round of golf.

Step 13

Disguise scratches on dashboard plastic that covers the odometer and other indicators on your car's dashboard by rubbing over them with a bit of baby oil.

Step 14

Polish Wood Use baby oil and lemon juice mixed in a spray bottle to polish wood furniture. It also helps to keep the wood from drying out As you can see, there are numerous "slick" uses for baby oil. Considering it one of your must-have staples is a smart move, saving you an enormous amount of time and money by not having to purchase 'designer' cleaners and other specialized products.

Tips & Warnings

Warning: Keep baby oil out of children's reach, prolonged inhaling of the fumes could be dangerous.