Sliding closet doors are the right option for any type of bedroom, whether it’s a big one or a small one. People usually pick those doors because they are easy and comfortable to maneuver and they only need very little space to be installed. Also, those doors look great, because they have only limited amounts of hardware visible. For example, some opaque glass sliding closet doors

 will bring a touch of style and class to any bedroom. You can also go with mirrored ones, especially for small bedrooms.

 Sliding Closet Doors – The Only Real Option For Small Bedrooms

When it comes to small bedrooms, saving space is your number one priority. Sliding closet doors not only that save you a lot of space, but they also look great. With that type of doors, you can simply install your bed or nightstand right next to the closet. You’ll be able to open the doors without having to push the furniture around. Also, they will offer you easy access the closet. If you pick glass or mirrored ones for a small bedroom, you’ll add more light and the sensation of extra space.

 How To Pick Good Quality Sliding Closet Doors

You need some durable, solid ones, or they will keep falling on your head. Especially if you intend o install them in children’s rooms, you need to make sure they will remain in place, no matter how many times they are closed and opened by your children. Select a good manufacturer, with great customers reviews, and ask a professional to install you the doors. If you are buying them from a local store, check to see if the hardware looks solid enough. The track rollers are usually the ones making problems. Good-quality ones are made of metal, not plastic. Also, when it comes to children’s rooms, you need to pay attention to the weight of those doors. You should ask the manufacturer or the seller of the doors to give you ones made of lighter materials, like plastic or wood panels.

 Mirrored Sliding Closet Doors – Tacky or Classy?

As stated before, mirrored doors can make a great addition, especially to small bedrooms. They bring more light to the room – the light reflects on them and became more powerful. Also, they give the impression of a larger room. So, mirrored doors are a good idea in some situations. You can pick sliding doors made of tow parts: one mirrored and the other one made of simple glass or even another type of material. But, if you have a huge bedroom, a gig closet and an entire wall of closed doors, you can’t install all mirrors. Of course, every bedroom needs a mirror, but you should limit of installing a single mirrored door segment. An entire wall or mirrors in a big, full of light bedroom it’s not only a little tacky, but it can also be uncomfortable for you when you turn all the lights on or when the sun comes inside the room.

 Sliding Closet Doors Are Also Perfect For The Kitchen

Most kitchens have a utility room or a large closet attached. The right type of doors for them are sliding closet doors. They allow you to install kitchen cabinets on all the wall of the room, without worrying that you wont be able to close or to open the doors from your closet or your utility room. You can even order your doors in the same color and style as your cabinets, for an elegant, stylish kitchen. The best material for the closet doors from kitchen is wood or composite material imitating wood. Plastic doesn’t look as good as wood, and a huge glass door is dangerous inside a busy room, like your kitchen. Also, order very good quality closet doors for your kitchen, because there is a lot of steam and heat inside the kitchen. The doors that do just find in a bedroom might not be suitable for the kitchen. Check to see if the material they are made of can take the hat and the humidity from the kitchen. To make sure that they will last long and they will look like new, you need to take good care of them. Wipe them with a dry cloth every time after you cook and use a cleaning product that protects them.