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Deadbolt and door locks

Sliding Glass Door LockAn increasing number of homes use sliding doors. They are especially popular in townhouses and apartments. The reason why is obvious. With sliding doors, residents gain easier access to their yard, patio or balcony. Unfortunately, this very same convenience can also put them at risk.  

Since sliding doors cannot accommodate deadbolt locks, it is possible to open them from the outside. The only way to eliminate such a concern is by using a sliding door lock. 

The sliding door lock offers more security than a traditional version. It is sturdy and difficult to manipulate from the outside.  Also, the parts within the lock do not wear down over time. If you buy a sliding door lock today, it will last 10 years or more down the road.  Sliding Door Locks With Key

The “Jimmy Plate” is an example of a very efficient sliding door lock. To install it, you must screw the lock into the topmost portion of your door. Once the Jimmy Plate is secured, an intruder will not be able to slide the door off the track (which can pop open the lock). And yes, this scenario could happen to any residence not using a sliding door lock.  

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If a sliding door is not secure at the top or bottom, it can still get jimmied open.  Jimmy Plates take care of this discrepancy with very little work on your part. You can even create your own Jimmy plate using the materials you have around the house. Just know that if you buy a Jimmy Plate sliding door lock from the store, you will get the device in its entirety.   

Safety bars are another option. They are installed on the glass of your door, either in the middle or at the bottom.  As a result, the door cannot be open from the outside. However, never trust these locks until you test them yourself. If it passes the test, you probably do not need another sliding door lock. Of course, sometimes residents install two of these locks just to be on the safe side. 

To determine which sliding door lock is best for your situation, first think about your door’s location. Doors that connect to hSliding Door Locking Systemsigh-rise balconies will have different concerns than those opening up to a private pool area. Fortunately, there is no situation in which you cannot find the right sliding door lock. Manufacturers have created one for nearly every scenario. 

In fact, some manufacturers go above and beyond with their innovation. As such, all of these locks will contain their own unique benefits. You should compare all of these different benefits before making a final purchase. 

In summary, if you want to protect your family, consider installing a sliding door lock. This article has discussed two of the most common locks, but the list does not end there. If you need further assistance, visit your local hardware store and ask which lock would work for your situation. You can also get help from online stores. Sometimes they have guides that will walk you through the buying process. They may also have customer reviews, which can give you further insight on the type of lock you should buy.