Sliding glass door window treatments are a challenge for any homeowner or interior decorator. That's simply because sliding doors are made to slide and nothing should obstruct their smooth movement along the tracks. Besides, when the doors are retracted, the resulting opening should allow people to circulate freely, otherwise everybody would get nervous and irritated because of the heavy curtain or the forever moving shades hanging in disorder.

In this article we are going to take a look at a few possible window coverings such as bamboo shades for sliding doors, but not only:

  1. Motorized roller blinds: this is may be the ideal option and probably the most used one. The roller shades are fixed on the door rims tightly, so they don't wave around, and the remote control operation makes things as smooth as can be.
  2. Paper screens for glass: these sheer, translucent papers or PVC foils with glass patterns can be very elegant and give your room a mysterious touch. If you choose this type of treatments for your sliding glass doors, make sure to stick the foils carefully on the glass panes, otherwise they'd look bad. Those Japanese rice paper screens look gorgeous and they can also make elegant room dividers.
  3. Plantation shutters: wooden plantation shutters will always have a classy and stylish look, so they are favored by many decorators. If you decide to get some for your sliding doors, make sure you discuss it with a specialist in window treatments before you purchase anything, because you need to make sure the doors would still slide after installing the shutters.
  4. Panel curtain systems: if you are a fan or curtains, you may find it difficult to have them installed on sliding doors, because they need to get sustained by very long poles, thus needing to be fixed also in the middle not only at the edges. Then you'll never be able to fully retract your curtains, so this is maybe not the best solution you can get. If you look in specialized home decor and accessories stores, you'll see that they offer those panel tracks, which are a mix between vertical shades and curtains, being suitable for very wide windows and for patio doors. They can be made of fabric, like curtains do, or flexible wood choices such as bamboo or reeds, woven together for a fantastic look and feel.
  5. Stained glass: why bother covering the glass at all? You can have it stained or sanded in creative designs, which will attract all looks and will make your room original and cheerful. The only drawback of this solution is that in case of an incident, you'll have to take a lot of money out of your pocket to replace the broken glass.
As you can see, there are more ways of getting your desired privacy when needed, and in the same time enjoying the beauty and style of sliding glass doors window treatments.