Sliding screen doors are very useful, for your main entrance, but also for the rest of the doors from your house: backdoors or patio doors. They protect you from annoying insects and from excessive sunlight and heat. Also, they offer you intimacy inside the house, because they cover the big glass doors, making impossible for other people to see inside. During summers, keeping a comfortable temperature inside the house can cost you a lot of money, if you are using your AC all the time. With sliding screen doors, you can keep the doors opened in the mornings and in the evenings, when the air is fresh and cool. You can enjoy a lovely evening in the comfort of your own living room, without being disturbed by insects flying around. Those doors are also extremely useful when it comes to keeping your pets inside.

 The Main Advantages of Sliding Screen Doors

The good part with the sliding screen doors is they take very little space. When you don’t need them, they are practically invisible. A narrow frame that holds the panels, surrounding the doors, is everything you see while you are not using them, during the cold season. Those doors are not only useful, but they can also be an aesthetic addition to your home. Pick a color that matches the doors and the exterior color of your home. Also, make sure that the handles from the sliding screen doors resemble the ones from the main doors.

 Sliding Screen Doors Materials

Sliding screen doors’ hardware and framing can be made of aluminum, wood or plastic. The net can be made rom a durable fabric or from plastic. There are advantages and disadvantages with every material. Wood is elegant, but needs a lot of maintaining. Also, because the shape of wood can be affected by humidity, the sliding system might cause problems in time. Aluminum, on the other side, is very durable and it will last for decades, but it doesn’t look as classy and elegant as wood. Plastic is light and cheap, but breaks off quite easily. Also, plastic scratches very fast and loses the original color, because of the sun. However, when shopping for screen doors, the first thing you need to consider is the material that your main doors are made from. If your entrance door is a metal one, you should go with an aluminum sliding screen door. On the contrary, if you have wooden doors at your house, the screens framing should also be made of wood.

The material from the net is also important. If you want protection only against insects, not against sunlight and heat, a white net is enough. If you also want a nice shadow inside your house, get a net made from a dark colored material. Generally, a net made of good quality natural fibers will last longer than plastic nets.

 Sliding Screen Doors – Installment And Maintaining

If you are shopping for such doors, the first step is to take the correct measurements. The sliding screen doors should be slightly larger than the main door – they should get over the main door framing with about an inch on all sides. Only this way you’ll enjoy full protection against sunlight and insects. When you buy one, ask the manufacturer or the seller if all the hardware you need for installment is included. You need framing, the screens holder, screws and handles. If you have all the components, you can start installing your sliding screen door. Before fixing the framing with screws, make sure that, once you add the screens, there will be no space left between the wall of the house and the screens. Secure the framing tight, adding enough screws. After the hardware is installed, all you have to do is put the screens inside. At first, the sliding mechanism might be a little hard to maneuver, but, after using it for a few days, it will become looser and you will be able to open and close it from a single move. As for maintaining, it’s very important to take the panels out every autumn, to avoid the damages caused by wind, rain or snow. If you have wooden sliding screen doors, you have to re-pain or re-varnish the wood every year.