As most of us know having space saving non slip hangers can really make a closet feel bigger and more spacious. Most fancy hangers are not thin at all. They are designed to maintain the shape of your clothes and evenly distribute the weight of garments across more fabric so that the shoulders don't get stretched out but hangers like these are really only needed for the most delicate of clothes and the heaviest of clothes. Most pieces of a typical wardrobe are neither extremely heavy nor extremely delicate. As such the bulk of your closet clothes shouldn't need big and bulky clothes hangers and would work just fine with space saving thin hangers.

The Thinnest Hangers Possible

The most well known of all hangers, and the most reviled of all hangers, is the cheap wire hanger. Wire hangers really have two things going for them. They are the most space saving kind of hangers you can buy and they are also among the cheapest hangers you can buy as well. Unfortunately because they are thin and made of wire they are slippery and will let your clothes slowly slide down the hanger stretching out your clothes and dropping them to the floor incases where the neck line is large enough.

Slim Velvet Shirt HangersBecause wire hangers are so poorly fitting for proper care of clothing most people op for thicker plastic clothes hangers which are usually still fairly slippery although they have a wider contact space with yoru clothing making them less likely to damage clothes with stretch marks. You can of course pay a little more for specialty hangers for certain tasks like baby clothes hangers for your newborn baby boy clothes, extra wide hangers for plus sized clothing, and no slip hangers which focus on specifically guarding against clothing damage due to clothes slipping off or down the sides of a hanger.

There are actually non slip hanger accessories available to help you transform existing plastic or wood hangers into non-slip hangers but often these accessories are simply rubberized stickers which attach to the tops of hangers and help to keep your clothes from sliding down. If you are not careful or if you are light with your application of these stickers you may end up only having small patches of your hangers which are non slip which may be fine for many clothes but may still not be appropriate for clothes which are heavy or which are delicate.

Ideally to keep your clothes from sliding down the sides of hangers and stretching out you should adjust the placing of your clothes on your hangers from time to time, especially if you don't wear them very often, and you should upgrade you hangers to non slip hangers. You can get normal nonslip hangers or space saving thin nonslip hangers which can help increase the amount of storage space in your closet. One popular type of thin non slip hangers are Joy Mangano hangers and the many cheap knockoffs which imitate the design.

The basic premise of these space saving non slip hangers is to design a thin hanger which is made of a non skid material and shape it in a smart way to keep the shape of clothes as they should be and to maintain the strength of the hanger through smart weight distribution. Just as a bridge has support beams to transfer the weight from the middle of the bridge to the sides of a bridge a quality hanger will do the opposite and transfer strength from the middle and most stable part of the hanger to the edges where support is often lacking in cheap and thin clothes hangers.

The Best Non Slip Hangers At Reasonable Prices

Joy Mangano Huggable HangersIf you decide to finally upgrade your hangers to better quality non slip hangers then you should know that you have a few options. It's easy to simply go out and buy the generic big box of non slip hangers at your local superstore or warehouse store but taking stock of your current wardrobe and purchasing your hangers to accommodate your wardrobe is probably your best move. As previously stated most people only have a small portion of their wardrobe devoted to heavy garments or delicate shirts, blouses, and pants. If you buy non-skid hangers which are wide and use a large surface to hold up your clothes you will really only need these hangers on this section of your wardrobe.

On the other side of the spectrum you are far more likely to have a large portion of your wardrobe focused on everyday clothing which is neither heavy nor delicate. Items like this fill out the bulk of most closets and to minimize the space need to hang all these clothes it is usually in your best interest to buy specialty thin profile space saving nonslip hangers. These special plastic, rubber, or cloth hangers can usually cut down on the space needed to store your clothing and make it easier to sort through your closet looking for that one specific item.

Joy Mangano hangers are well known and high quality options but so to are Karen Rhodes hangers and Sheffield Home hangers which can also be found in specialty stores online and sometimes in neighborhood department stores and mega retailers. More than likely however your shopping for quality non slip hangers will probably be best accomplished online as it will be easier to find hangers that match your needs for the best prices and it will be easier to comparison shop.

Most quality non slip hangers will be sold in stores in smaller quantities and at a higher rate per hanger whereas online you can easily find large packs and small packs of non slip hangers for less on a per hanger basis. It's easy to find packs of ten non slip hangers for as low as five dollars and depending on quality they can get upwards of fifty dollars. Larger packs however will be less on a per hanger basis. A Pack of 24 non slip hangers can be as low as fifteen dollars and can range up to a hundred quite easily depending on quality. It pays to buy in larger packs and online retailers can offer the variety in product types to meet your needs while still keeping costs low.