If you're limited on space for your Christmas decorating, slim Christmas trees are a big holiday blessing! Their sleek lines keep the space they take up to a minimum without giving up height. Plus they're very fashionable, so there is lots that you can do with a slim Christmas tree! Here you'll learn about some great ways to use them, see a few popular styles, and get an idea of the prices to expect at retailers.

Slim Christmas Trees: Small Profile, Big Style

BrylaneHome 7.5' PreLit TreeChristmas trees are the center of many holiday traditions, but sometimes it's hard to justify the space they take up in the living room. Even short varieties can hog up many feet of living space due to having wide, bushy profiles. For those living in small apartments or who entertain a lot of guests and need socializing space, this can be a real problem during the holidays. Luckily, there's an easy solution that brings a lot of style to the table: slim Christmas trees.

Slim Christmas trees come in as many evergreen styles and heights as their bigger brothers. The only real difference is the profile. Both artificial slim Christmas trees and real ones are only about half the width of a normal tree, some (known as pencil Christmas trees) are no more than 18 inches across at the base. This means a lot of extra room for you in your living space during the holidays.

Best of all, you aren't giving up on style when it comes to these trees. There are many varieties of pre-lit slim Christmas trees out there with beautiful Christmas lighting ready to go. Or you can dress them up to the nines with your own Christmas decorations just like any other tree. You can opt for a flocked slim Christmas tree, or go with the natural evergreen look. And many people prefer the tall and thin style to the wide girth of a larger Christmas tree. They have an elegance that makes them very versatile. In fact, they're a great Christmas decor choice for modern homes due to the sleek lines, and yet they still look splendid in traditional homes, too!

7.5' Pre-Lit Snow Flocked Layered Utica Fir Slim Christmas Tree - Clear Lights

Great Ways To Use Slim Christmas Trees

It's not only small living rooms where slim Christmas trees shine. Their elegant style and thin profile makes them appealing in a lot of ways for holiday decorating. Here's a few ideas to inspire the Christmas decorator in you.

In your work space

These are great choices for office Christmas decorations. Their small profile doesn't take up a ton of space, meaning you can easily place a few in hallway corners without making it tough to maneuver.

As accent trees to your big Christmas tree

If you've got a big space and you've opted for a large Christmas tree, you may find you need some substantial accent pieces to help fill out the space. You can bookend your main Christmas tree with two slim Christmas trees to add some drama and dimension to your look.

National Tree 7.5' Wintry Pine Slim Tree, Hinged, 400 Clear Lights (WP1-310-75)

A Christmas tree for every room

Well, maybe not for EVERY room, but due to their thinness, you can add a little more Christmas cheer to your home pretty easily. Perhaps a Christmas tree for your game room and one for your patio?

As a welcoming tree in your foyer

If you entertain a lot, placing a slim Christmas tree in your main entryway or foyer puts your family and your guests in the right holiday frame of mind first thing.

National Tree 7 1/2' Wintry Pine Slim Tree, Hinged, 400 Clear Lights (WP1-310-75)
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(price as of Aug 10, 2015)

Slim Christmas Tree Prices

Most artificial slim Christmas trees fall between $80 and $300 with the range being affected by height, decorations, flocking, and of course the quality of the branches themselves. The sweet spot seems to be around $150 to $200 for a good balance, though there are many quality trees even at the lower end of the range.

When you are shopping for Christmas trees, consider your space and don't shy away from slim Christmas trees. They can be a great choice for smaller rooms and an elegant way to accent your home and office spaces. They add a lot of versatility to your Christmas decorating.